Mount Fromme

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Mount Fromme
Mt Fromme from Sunrise Park.jpg
Mount Fromme from Sunrise Park in East Vancouver
Highest point
Elevation 1,185 m (3,888 ft)
Prominence 235 m (771 ft)
Coordinates 49°22′55″N 123°03′25″W / 49.38194°N 123.05694°W / 49.38194; -123.05694Coordinates: 49°22′55″N 123°03′25″W / 49.38194°N 123.05694°W / 49.38194; -123.05694
Location British Columbia, Canada
Parent range North Shore Mountains
Topo map NTS 92G/06
Easiest route Mt. Highway

Mount Fromme is a mountain on the North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia, and a key North American mountain biking destination. Looking towards the North of the Burrard Inlet three mountains are clearly visible (Grouse Mountain, Mount Seymour, and Mt. Fromme). Mt. Fromme (commonly referred to as Grouse Mountain because of its proximity to the ski resort of that name) has downhill trails that have made a name for the North Shore riding style. Mount Fromme features various trails, many of which are part of the NSMBA (North Shore Mountain Biking Association). Some of these trails are sponsored by companies which provide money to maintain the trails. There is also a nudist club called Van Tan Nudist Club past the second switch back on mountain highway. Members of the club are given access to the location by vehicle which is usually blocked of by a gate. Mount Fromme features green, blue, black, double black and "triple red" trails.

Mountain Biking[edit]

Mt. Fromme is a popular destination for many bikers during the summer. The trails are accessed via Mountain Highway, though bikers have to ride up as the gravel path is restricted to vehicle access without special privileges. The path eventually leads to Grouse Mountain.The easier trails are usually located at the bottom of the hill while the advanced ones are near further up. The majority of the trails are located below the seventh switchback.

Notable Trails[edit]

There are approximately 40 mountain biking trails in total though many of them have become not ride-able due to lack of maintenance. Companies can sponsor trails to maintain them.


Bobsled is the most popular trail on Mount Fromme. It is past the second switchback a little further than Floppy Bunny. The trail is a very fast, smooth trail resembling a pump track that contains a lot of berms, bumps, and jumps. There are several ladder bridges and drops. The trail is rated a green/blue. The run is a green if none of the features are attempted but a blue if they are.

Baden-Powell Trail[edit]

Though it is mainly a biking trail, many trails end at various points along the Baden Powell which bikers use to get back to Mountain Highway. It contains ladder bridges and several technical rock features. The Baden Powell is rated a blue trail


38DD is a very advanced trail which is situated between the third and fourth switchback. It is most notable for the giant drop at the opening of the trail which launches off from a massive boulder. There is an alternate entrance that starts higher up on Mountain Highway. It is rated as a triple red diamond trail (the hardest difficulty) but is now decommissioned and is in disrepair.

Air Supply/Jerry Rig[edit]

Air Supply is trail located on the sixth switchback after Oil Can. It is currently decommissioned and all the jumps which used to be on it are now destroyed. It used to contain massive jumps and drops, some of which still exist but are unsafe to ride. Air Supply branches onto the trail Jerry Rig (which is sometimes called Lower Air Supply). Jerry Rig officially starts further up Mountain Highway. It contains massive ladder bridges, many of which are over 10 feet in the air and under six inches thick, giant jumps and wall-rides, almost all of which are in disrepair and unsafe to ride. Both trails are triple red diamonds and deposit onto the Baden-Powell Trail.

The Flying Circus[edit]

The Flying Circus is a triple red diamond run constructed by a North Shore biker Dangerous Dan. It starts just below Upper Oil Can and is known for the extremely challenging skinnies and ladder-bridges which are very thin and high in the air. Some of the skinnies require to rider to do a bunny hop to maneuver around the corners.

Floppy Bunny[edit]

Floppy Bunny is a popular trail found below Bobsled. It is a black diamond but can be ridden as a blue if none of the optional features are attempted. It contains an optional jump line but several mandatory wood features.


Mount Fromme also contains a few hiking trails. Some trails are shared biking and hiking trails. Some hiking only trails include St.Georges which connects the Baden Powell Trail with Mountain Highway just before the seventh switchback, and Per Gynt which connects the seventh switchback to past the eighth.

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