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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots
(unranked): Commelinids
Order: Poales
Family: Poaceae
Genus: Ophiuros
  • Rottboellia subg. Ophiuros (C.F. Gaertn.) Hack.
  • Ophiurus R.Br.

Ophiuros is a genus of Asia, Australian, and East African plants in the grass family.[3][4][5][6]

  1. Ophiuros bombaiensis Bor - Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra
  2. Ophiuros exaltatus (L.) Kuntze - Indian Subcontinent, southern China, Southeast Asia, Ryukyu Islands, New Guinea, Australia
  3. Ophiuros megaphyllus Stapf ex Haines - eastern India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand
  4. Ophiuros papillosus Hochst. - Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan
formerly included[7]

see Coelorachis Hainardia Lepturus Mnesithea Parapholis Pholiurus Ratzeburgia Rhytachne Rottboellia Thaumastochloa


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