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National Order for Merit
Ordinul Național Pentru Merit
For-Merit-Order-Knight-War Obverse 1.jpg
Officer's Medal of the Order
Awarded by The President of Romania
(since 2000)
Type Order of Merit
Ribbon Pale Blue with a White stripe in the middle.
Eligibility (1) Civil, military;
(2) military units;
(3) foreign citizens
Awarded for Special services rendered in the interests of Romania.[1]
Status Currently awarded
Grand Master President Klaus Iohannis
Grades Grand Cross
Grand Officer
Next (higher) National Order of Faithful Service
Next (lower) None (Lowest)
Related National Medal for Merit
ROU Order For Merit 2000-war-ribbon GCross BAR.svg
The Grand Cross's ribbon bar of the Order

The National Order For Merit (Romanian: Ordinul Național Pentru Merit) is an order which is part of the National System of Decorations of Romania.

Composition of the order[edit]

The National Order for Merit is awarded in five grades in civil and military divisions, as well as a wartime division. It may be awarded to Romanians, foreign citizens, and military units. Its number is limited to 7,500 members. Members of the order are referred to as Knights of the Order for Merit, regardless of grade. Awards to foreigners, awards to military units, and awards in the wartime division are not figured in the total number under the order's limits. Awards are limited by grade and division as follows:[2]

  • Grand Cross, 150 civilian and 50 military
  • Grand Officer, 300 civilian and 100 military
  • Commander, 675 civilian and 225 military
  • Officer, 1,500 civilian and 500 military
  • Knight, 3,000 civilian and 1,000 military


The National Order for merit recognizes important civil or military services rendered to Romania. Qualifying important services may include:[2]

  • Safeguarding the independence, sovereignty, territorial unity and integrity of the Romanian State
  • Developing the national economy
  • Accomplishments in the fields of science, art, or culture
  • Contribution to the development of relationships between Romania and other countries or international organizations
  • Meritorious military service organizing and managing military operations
  • Deeds committed on the battlefield or during military conflicts

Notable recipients[edit]


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