Otahuhu College

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Otahuhu College
Mangere Road
Auckland 1062
New Zealand
Coordinates36°57′11″S 174°50′25″E / 36.9531°S 174.8404°E / -36.9531; 174.8404Coordinates: 36°57′11″S 174°50′25″E / 36.9531°S 174.8404°E / -36.9531; 174.8404
TypeState Co-Ed Secondary (Year 9-13)
MottoKia Tamatane
Ministry of Education Institution no.88
PrincipalNeil Watson
School roll922[1] (August 2018)
Socio-economic decile1B[2]

Otahuhu College is a secondary school in Auckland, New Zealand for students years 9 to 13.


It is located in the suburb of Otahuhu and is a co-educational school. The school is built in a gully on the southern side of Mangere Road. There is a semicircular lawn in the front of the school surrounded by palm trees, with two flagpoles.

Otahuhu College is neighbour to a large private secondary school King's College.


Otahuhu College is divided into four houses:

Otahuhu College's House Names & their Colours
Seddon Named for New Zealand Prime Minister Richard Seddon.
Massey Named for New Zealand Prime Minister William Massey
Hobson Named for New Zealand Governor William Hobson
Grey Named for New Zealand Governor Sir George Grey

Each house is controlled by a House Leader, and each house has a Head Boy, Head Girl and a Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy.

At the end of term 3, 2006 Otahuhu College A-Block building was earthquake strengthened. The toilets and the book room at the bottom of A-Block were demolished and replaced with two class rooms and new toilets.

At the end of 2006 the SAS UNIT class, located at Sturges Fields and known for the sports academy students, but containing only 14 students, will be demolished and completely revamped, and will include new changing rooms for the Rugby league and Rugby teams and a new grandstand.

During the second term of 2007, technical block was damaged by fire.[3]


The latest Education Review Office review was carried out in 2016, with the upcoming one due in 2019. The student population at the time of a review was 1152 and consisted of 46% male and 54% female students. Out of those, only 1% was Pākehā and Tokelau, 13% were Māori, 31% were Samoan and 26% were Tongan. Cook Islanders and Indians were at 8% each while Fijian, Niue and other races were at 4% each.[4]

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