Pacific Global Bank

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Pacific Global Bank
Industry Financial services
Founded Chicago (1995)
Headquarters Chicago
Key people
Products Banking
Revenue N/A. (Asset = $134.922 million USD)
Return on assets = 0.95
Return on equity = 9.83

Pacific Global Bank (Chinese: 高寶銀行) is an overseas Chinese bank in the United States. Headquartered in Chicago, with a branch office in Chinatown, Chicago, this privately held community bank was established November 9, 1995.

Chicago and the surrounding area originally had the third-largest population of Chinese Americans in the U.S., after the Northeast and West Coast

Although the bank generally provides the similar kind of services catering to the local Chinese community, its clients include greater portions of scientists and engineers than other overseas Chinese banks, which cater more to small business owners and importexport merchants. This reflects the general occupational trend of Chinese Americans in the Chicago region, and had helped the bank expand rapidly.

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