Paris (Marvel Comics)

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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance
Incredible Hulk #379
Created by Peter David; Dale Keown
In-story information
Alter ego Nathan Taylor
Team affiliations Pantheon
Abilities empath

Paris is a fictional character in Marvel Comics.

Fictional character biography[edit]

A young Nathan Taylor aka Paris was saved from the Watts Riots in 1959 by Pantheon members Ulysses I and Walter Charles (Ulysses II). Nathan's parents were killed during a fire. Nathan blamed Walter for their deaths and still held a grudge decades later. Nathan was taken back to the Pantheon headquarters, the Mount.[volume & issue needed]

Paris often gives people nicknames they don't like such as when he called the Hulk "Bobby" or Henry Peter Gyrich "Hank".

Paris often causes trouble for his teammates particularly Ulysses and is something of a trickster. Paris is an empath which is ironic given his seeming insensitivity to the feelings of others. Paris rarely goes out on missions. He does assist the Hulk after the man suffers the loss of an old mobster friend.[volume & issue needed] Paris and other Pantheon operatives assist the Hulk in talking down the criminal mastermind who had slain Hulk's friend.[1]

Paris shows a heroic side soon after returning home from the Mafia mission. The U-Foes had attacked and were endangering innocent lives. Paris protects a young girl from the energy projected by the villain X-Ray.[2]

Despite this heroic side, he later risks the lives of his allies. He causes Ajax to find Atalanta and Achilles kissing.[volume & issue needed] Ajax, not understanding Atalanta doesn't love him that way, causes damage and endangers many lives, including his own.[volume & issue needed]

Paris remains loyal to the Pantheon in the fight against Pantheon founder Agamemnon. The man had turned traitor and wished to destroy the Pantheon simply because it amused him. After Agamemnon is defeated, Paris is placed in charge and fires the Hulk. Paris indicates he and the Hulk will be enemies from that point on.[3]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Paris possesses the ability of empathy. Like the other Pantheon members, Paris possesses a healing factor.


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