Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell

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Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell
Title card for the animated movie.png
Directed byMitch Schauer
Written byMarty Isenberg
Dave McDermott[1]
Based on
StarringFred Tatasciore
Jesse Burch
Liam O'Brien
Matthew Waterson
Music byMichael McCuistion
Kristopher Carter
Lolita Ritmanis
Distributed byWalt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Release date
October 21, 2016
Running time
75 minutes

Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell is a 2016 direct-to-video animated superhero film featuring the character the Hulk.[1] The movie takes its name from a 1970s Marvel comic book title. Just like Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight!, this film is within the Marvel Animated Universe.[2]


Doctor Strange brings Hulk to New York to assist fighting rampaging monsters on Halloween night, which were young teens stuck dreaming and changed into the monsters that they fear. During battle, Hulk randomly reverts to an unconscious Bruce Banner. Doctor Strange planned a trip to the Dream Dimension with the Hulk to get to the bottom of the monsters while confronting Nightmare. Before this happens, they call upon the Howling Commandos (consisting of Jasper Sitwell's zombie form, Man-Thing, Vampire by Night, Warwolf, and Minotaur) to watch over their physical forms and contain the rampaging monsters. Banner and Hulk split for their trip to other dimension with Banner using the Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor.[1][3]




It was first announced at the San Diego Comic-Con 2016, where it had its world premiere.[4] The film was released on Digital HD on October 21, 2016.[1]


Screen Rant awarded the film a positive review, saying "All in all, Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell isn’t nearly as thoughtful a story as it could have been, but for a superhero adventure that’s loosely tied to a holiday, it works. Kids will enjoy themselves, while adults may struggle to make it through the whole film."[3] Newsarama was more critical in their review, aiming specific criticisms at the dialogue and pacing, ultimately saying "There’s definitely a solid 45-minute episode of Avengers Assemble in this that could have easily worked better."[2] awarded it 3.5 out of five, saying "the movie is a solid Halloween cartoon overall"[5]


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