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Femizon may refer to one of two fictional groups appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

The first group to be called Femizons were the women of Femizonia, a gynarchic future world in an alternate timeline where women had become Amazon-like warriors, ruling over male slaves. It was this world that produced Thundra, a recurring enemy, and later ally, of The Thing.

The second group to be called Femizons was a group of all-female supervillains in the Marvel Comics universe. They were enemies mainly for Captain America, and their goal was to conquer Earth and create a utopia where women ruled. Led by Superia, who claimed to be inspired by stories of Thundra's Femizons, the group consisted of a large number of established female criminals and super villainesses.

Superia's Lieutenants[edit]

  • Blackbird, otherwise known as Jackdaw, a Hulk villainess that had mechanical wings and an array of weaponry.
  • Iron Maiden, a skilled assassin and Black Widow villainess that wears a metal suit protecting her from physical harm.
  • Moonstone, villainess with abilities of flight, intangibility, emitting light, and projection of energy blasts.
  • Nightshade, Captain America villainess and second-in-command of the Femizons; mad scientist, has the ability to secrete pheromones.
  • Snapdragon, martial artist and long-time enemy of Diamondback.
  • MODAM, a MODOK-like super-genius created by A.I.M., has various psionic abilities.


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