Party of United Pensioners of Serbia

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Party of United Pensioners of Serbia
Партија уједињених пензионера Србије
Partija ujedinjenih penzionera Srbije
Leader Milan Krkobabić
Founder Jovan Krkobabić
Founded May 10, 2005 (2005-05-10)
Headquarters Belgrade
Membership  (2012) 150,000[1]
Ideology Social democracy Pensioners' interests
Political position Centre-left
European affiliation None
International affiliation None
Colours Red
National Assembly
9 / 250
Assembly of Vojvodina
3 / 120

The Party of United Pensioners of Serbia (Serbian: Партија уједињених пензионера Србије, ПУПС / Partija ujedinjenih penzionera Srbije, PUPS) is a political party in Serbia, founded by Jovan Krkobabić. Founded on 10 May 2005, the party first took part in the 2007 parliamentary election in coalition with the Social Democratic Party but failed to win any seats in the national assembly. The party participated in the 2008 parliamentary election in coalition with the Socialist Party of Serbia and United Serbia and received 5 seats. In the most recent election, held in 2014, the PUPS received 12 seats.

On 28 June 2014, Milan Krkobabić became the party leader following the death of his father, Jovan Krkobabić.[2]

Electoral results[edit]

Parliamentary elections[edit]

Year Popular vote  % of popular vote # of seats Seat change Notes Government
2007 125,324 3.11%
0 / 250
Steady Coalition with SDP non-parliamentary
2008 313,896 7.58%
5 / 250
Increase 5 Coalition with SPS-JS government
2012 567,689 14.51%
12 / 250
Increase 7 Coalition with SPS-JS government
2014 484,607 13.49%
12 / 250
Steady Coalition with SPS-JS gov′t support
2016 1,823,147 48.25%
9 / 250
Decrease 3 Coalition around SNS government


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