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Passaic Station (Erie Main Line) 1.jpg
Location Main Street and Jefferson Street, Passaic, New Jersey
Coordinates 40°51′46″N 74°07′40″W / 40.8627°N 74.1277°W / 40.8627; -74.1277Coordinates: 40°51′46″N 74°07′40″W / 40.8627°N 74.1277°W / 40.8627; -74.1277
Owned by Erie Railroad (1883–1960)
Erie Lackawanna Railway (1960–1963)
Line(s) Erie Railroad Main Line
Platforms 2 side platforms
Tracks 2 main line
Platform levels 1
Other information
Station code 2131[1]
Opened 1883
Closed 1963
Rebuilt 1952
Preceding station   Erie Railroad   Following station
Main Line

Passaic station was a railroad station for the Erie Railroad in downtown Passaic, New Jersey. The station sat in the center of Main Street at the corner of Madison Street. Though there were three other stations in the city — Prospect Street-Passaic and Passaic Park to the east, and Harrison Street to the west — the simply named Passaic station was the primary station for the city, located at grade in the busiest section of its main business street.


Passaic Station was constructed in 1883 as the main station for Passaic.

Passaic Plan[edit]

The site of the Passaic station in October 2013

During the 1950s and 1960s, competing priorities from agencies around the cities of Paterson and Passaic were beginning to form. The Delaware, Lackawanna and Western, a competing railroad with the Erie, wanted to condense (along with the Erie) services and share trackage because of financial troubles. Secondly, the city officials in Passaic had first brought a proposal to the Erie asking about the removal of the main line through the city, which was tying up traffic in the city during station stops. This, however, was not implemented during the 1950s, as proposed. Instead, the Erie reconstructed the stations at Passaic and Clifton. Third, the New Jersey State Highway Department needed rights-of-way for Interstate 80 through Paterson and State Route 21 through Passaic. The Passaic Park station and the BE Drawbridge over the Passaic River needed to be demolished to build Route 21.[2]

After the merger on October 17, 1960, between the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western and the Erie, the city officials in Passaic once again brought back the possibility of removing the tracks through Main Street, Passaic. This time, the newly formed Erie Lackawanna Railway went forward with it, beginning the process to move its main line onto the former Boonton Branch and Newark Branch through Lyndhurst, Passaic and Clifton.[2] In April 1963 the last train passed through the station. The main line was abandoned past Carlton Hill, and BE Drawbridge was swung in the open position, and soon put up for sale price of $0.00 in 1964 by the mayor of Passaic.[3]


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