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A 0.5mm Pentel PD345

The Pentel PD345 is a mechanical pencil. It was first produced by Pentel in the 1980s, and is now available primarily online.[1] Design features include a lead advance button on the side of the pencil body, a housing capable of holding dozens of leads at once, and a relatively wide eraser for heavy erasing. Due to the side mounted lead advance button, the pencil was marketed as the "Quicker Clicker" as the user didn't have to stop writing to advance the lead.

The successor to this pencil is the PD345-A with a wider, "ergonomic" grip and a redesigned tip so that the lead would not break as easily. Despite the original PD345 being widely replaced by the A variant, many users prefer it, finding it more comfortable and long lasting.[2]

Other classic designs from this period are the PS535 and the PS513.


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