Moving Castle Concert Live @ H.K.

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 Moving Castle Concert Live @ H.K.
Live album by S.H.E
Released December 22, 2006
Genre Mandarin pop
Label HIM International Music, Konami
S.H.E's live album chronology
Fantasy Land Tour 2004 in Taipei
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 Moving Castle Live @ H.K.
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S.H.E Is the One(2011) String Module Error: Match not foundString Module Error: Match not found

Moving Castle Concert Live @ H.K.[1][2] (移動城堡香港演唱會) was released on December 22, 2006, and is S.H.E's second live album. The songs in this album are direct recordings from their concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum during their Moving Castle World Tour. The live album also contains a Bonus DVD that chronicles S.H.E's five years in the entertainment industry. The DVD version of the Hong Kong concert was released later on January 22, 2007.

During the concert, each member provided her own performance of skill and sang solos of her favourite songs. Compared to the Fantasy Land Tour 2004 in Taipei album, Moving Castle Concert Live @ H.K. features five fewer talking segments.

Track listing[edit]

CD 1
01. Intro + "Not Yet Lovers" (Intro+戀人未滿)
02. "Don't Wanna Grow Up" (不想長大)
03. "Remember"
04. "Star Light" (星光)
05. Ella's Drum March (Ella的娃娃兵進行曲)
06. "Where's Love" (愛呢)
07. "Grizzling Sky" (天灰)
08. "Not To Be Your Friend" (不作你的朋友)
09. Selina Solo Dancing Show
10. "Just Fit" (對號入座)
11. "Super Model"
12. Talking I
13. "Belief"
14. "Flowers Have Blossomed" (花都開好了)
15. Tank - "Love Among Three Nations" (三國戀)
16. Selina & Tank - "Solo Madrigal" (獨唱情歌)
17. "Ambush From Sides to Sides" (十面埋伏)
18. "Piquancy" (痛快)

CD 2
01. Talking II
02. Selina - "Still Lonely" (還是會寂寞)[3]
03. Hebe - "She's The One"[4]
04. Ella - "Cloudy Day" (陰天)[5]
05. "Lovers" (情人)[6]
06. Talking III
07. "White Love Song" (白色戀歌)
08. "Don't Say Sorry" (別說對不起)
09. Ella - "Love is Simple" (愛很簡單)[7]
10. "Migratory Bird" (候鳥)
11. "Persian Cat" (波斯貓)
12. "Ring Ring Ring"
13. "Genesis" (美麗新世界)
14. Talking IV
15. "Fascination" (Fan Version) (魔力-歌迷版)
16. "Faraway" (遠方)
17. "I Love You" (我愛你)
18. Hebe Drum Solo
19. "Super Star"
20. Ending


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