Colombian fino hound

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Colombian fino hound
Colombianus Finus.jpg
OriginChapolo, Bramador
Weight 22–27 kg (49–60 lb)
Height 45–55 cm (18–22 in)
Coat Smooth
Color Blue, red, black and tan, bicolor and Tricolor
Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

The Colombian fino hound (Sabueso fino Colombiano) is a typical dog breed from Colombia, the hunting dog of Colombian peasants, distributed throughout the country with a traceable history for over 200 years, was selected by functionality and adaptability to the Colombian landscape.


The fino hound is a beautiful scenthound, with magnificent sense of smell, body with rectangular proportion of medium size, with a height at withers that varies between 45 and 55 cm, almond eyes, long ears and scissor bite . Their skin is usually loose and regularly has jowls, the tail is long saber that thins as it reaches the tip. They are hardworking animals that tend to accompany their human during hunting trips for long hours, regardless of terrain.


The Colombian fino Hound is a hunting dog developed in Colombia from pack hounds along with some pointing dogs imported from Continental Europe, Great Britain and North America in Colonial days. Due to their ability as hunters, they became popular with all the social classes from Presidents of the Republic and the upper class because of their interest in hunting and sporting events, to the farmers and humble classes as they were used to hunt in order to find food. Due to geographic isolation suffered by the country over its history, it has been led to a great diversity of hounds still preserved and used for hunting of Lowland paca and others rodents. For over 200 years these hunting dogs have been used in Colombia to find their prey and they are equally adapted to the diverse geographical areas and climates of the country.


Stubborn and obstinate while hunting, at home he is affectionate with children and makes a wonderful companion. Due to his hunting nature he is capable of working with and/or living with other dogs and is friendly towards strangers.


Recognized by the Colombian kennel club Asociación Club Canino Colombiano.

Breed standard[edit]

  • General appearance: Typical "howling" dog with long ears and tail; passionate hunters, rustic of medium size and rectangular proportions. Coat is short and comes in a variation of colours.
  • Cranial region: Head shape is harmonious and in proportion to the body. Cranial planes somewhat divergent. Skull can be slightly longer than muzzle. Seen from the front the skull is slightly domed. A prominent occiput is highly desirable.
  • Stop: A moderate stop is present.
  • Nose: Large, well-developed, ample nostrils. Either black or Brown.
  • Muzzle: Medium length, slightly shorter than the skull, straight. Seen from above it is rectangular.
  • Lips: The flews should not be thick nor hanging. Upper lip covers the lower one.
  • Bite: Scissor bite preferred but even bite acceptable. Complete dentition.
  • Cheeks: Flats.
  • Eyes: Almond-shaped with a sweet expression.
  • Ears: Long, broad, hanging from a medium set (neither high nor low). When pulled forward they should reach at least to the nose and have a rounded tip.
  • Neck: Strong or moderate length set well into shoulders forming a slightly arched shape. Some loose skin on the underside of the neck not to be penalized.
  • Body: Rectangular and of medium build.
  • Topline: Topline slopes gently from the withers to the croup which is slightly higher.
  • Withers: The withers should be well defined.
  • Loin: Strong and sloping slightly upwards towards the croup. Quarters (flanks) should be short.
  • Croup: Average length with a tendency to be higher than the withers.
  • Chest: Moderately wide with a noticeable prow. Should descend to the elbows. Ribs moderately arched and extending well back.
  • Underline: Defined tuck up.
  • Tail: Very long, thin and tapering towards the end. No brush should be present.
  • Forequarters: Well muscled with good strong bone.
  • Shoulders: Well angulated with the scapula being slightly longer than the humerus.
  • Forelegs: Of medium length with strong bone.
  • Carpus (wrist): Angulated.
  • Feet: Medium-sized, tough with resistant nails and pads.
  • Rear quarters: Strong, well angulated, muscular. Hocks should not be too long.
  • Rear feet: Same as fore feet.
  • Movement: Agile, smooth and effortless. When moving the tail is either on a level with the back or carried well up.
  • Skin: Of fine texture and elastic.

Coat and colors[edit]

There are two types of coat; short and rough (bearded). The short-coated variety comprises two types of coat. The variety which has been developed and used in areas of the country with hot weather have a short, straight, shiny coat. This is a single coat especially on the head and ears. The variety which come from the colder areas of the country has an undercoat which presents a denser appearance. The rough (bearded) variety: Harsh coat, rough and they have a slight beard and hair which is somewhat longer on their legs. (This variety usually has heavier bones and the tail is slightly thicker).

The Colombian fino comes in a great variety of colours. Height between 17.6 inches and 21.5 inches.

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