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Freedom, generally, is the ability or right to change or act without constraint.

Freedom may also refer to:


  • Artistic freedom, freedom of expression and publication
  • Autonomy, the capacity to make an informed, un-coerced decision
  • Freedom of choice, an individual's opportunity and autonomy
  • Freedom of speech, the right to communicate one's opinions and ideas
  • Freedom of thought, the freedom of an individual to hold or consider a fact, viewpoint, or thought, independent of others' viewpoints
  • Free will, the ability to choose between courses of action
  • Civil liberties, personal guarantees and freedoms that government cannot abridge without due process
  • Liberty, the ability to do as one pleases
  • Moral responsibility, the status of deserving praise or blame for an act or omission
  • Rights, legal, social, or ethical principles of freedom or entitlement


  • Freedom (application), a software utility designed to allow a person to block their own access to the Internet for a set period of time
  • Freedom! (video game), a 1992 educational computer game on the history of slavery
  • Internet freedom, an umbrella term that encompasses digital rights, freedom of information, the right to Internet access, freedom from Internet censorship, and net neutrality
  • Software freedom, a social movement promoting the freedom to run, study and change software



United States[edit]

Arts and entertainment[edit]


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  • Freedom (Frudakis), a 2000 sculpture by Zenos Frudakis in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
  • Freedom (Tibor), a 1985 sculpture by Alfred Tibor in Columbus, Ohio, US
  • Statue of Freedom, an 1863 sculpture by Thomas Crawford atop the dome of the US Capitol
  • Miss Freedom, 1889 statue on the dome of the Georgia State Capitol (US)
  • Freedom Sculpture, a 2017 sculpture by Cecil Balmond in Los Angeles, California, US

Other arts[edit]

Mathematics and physics[edit]



  • Florence Freedom, the former name of the Florence Y'alls, an independent minor league baseball team that plays in the Frontier League
  • Washington Freedom, a women's professional soccer (football) team
  • Freedom Chiya (born 1979), South African beach volleyball player

Other uses[edit]

  • Freedom (Azerbaijan), an electoral alliance in Azerbaijan
  • Freedom (charity), a UK charity dedicated to helping victims of forced marriage
  • Freedom of the City, an honour bestowed by a municipality upon a valued member of the community or an important visitor
  • Freedom, Inc., a 1961 political organization of African-American political activists in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Freedom Furniture, a furniture retailer in Australia and New Zealand

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