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For the Breaking Bad character, see Jesse Pinkman.
Born Ryota Saito
Saitama, Japan
Residence Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Painter
Known for creative art, live painting, DJ,[1] gay art

Pinkman is a painter from Tokyo, Japan. He paints on a variety of mediums and is well known in the electronica/club scene in Tokyo, for his engaging live painting performances.[citation needed]

He was featured at the 2007 Camera Japan festival in the Netherlands (both painting and DJing).[2] In 2008, Pinkman's Miruko won the Shinjuku Art Infinity Prize.


In 2009, Pinkman was featured in the spring issue of the international magazine Butt Magazine.[3] He has a strong web following especially in electronica,[4] and alternative media publications.


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