Piper Pass

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Piper Pass (82°24′07″N 68°14′33″W / 82.40194°N 68.24250°W / 82.40194; -68.24250 (Piper Pass)Coordinates: 82°24′07″N 68°14′33″W / 82.40194°N 68.24250°W / 82.40194; -68.24250 (Piper Pass)) is a mountain pass in the United States Range, Nunavut, Canada.[1]


  1. ^ Geological Survey of Canada (1966). Bulletin – Geological Survey of Canada. Bulletin – Geological Survey of Canada. Geological Survey of Canada. p. 3. Retrieved 10 July 2018. ... A strikingly deep, narrow trench, Piper Pass, transects the United States Range, and several streams on the southeast side of ...