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Plaza Hollywood
Plaza Hollywood and Galaxia housing estate.
Atrium of Plaza Hollywood

Plaza Hollywood (Chinese: 荷里活廣場; Jyutping: ho4 lei5 wut6 gwong2 coeng4) is a large shopping centre in Diamond Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is part of Galaxia, a residential estate of Wharf Holdingss.

The shopping centre was inaugurated in 1997, and includes four levels surrounding a central atrium. It has more than 220 shops, a large supermarket, food court, restaurants and cinema. It is themed after Hollywood in the United States.

Location and history[edit]

The shopping centre was located formerly the part of Tai Hom Village squatter areas, it began to develop into a residential and shopping centre after the demolition of squatter area in mid-1990s.

Plaza Hollywood and its associated residential development - Galaxia was opened officially in 1998, became a landmark shopping malls and regional indicators of housing.

Plaza Hollywood is located at Diamond Hill, Kowloon. Surrounded by Fung Tak Road, Lung Poon Street, Tai Hom Road and Sheung Yuen Street. It near Diamond Hill MTR station, and next to Lung Cheung Road, which is one of the main trunk road in Hong Kong.

Architectural design[edit]

Plaza Hollywood by the related product concept in United States, hope to bring the colorful shopping experience to customers. Its large atrium "Star Plaza" was located in the center of the shopping centre, construction area near 10,000 square feet, the large scale which is rare in other shopping centres among in Kowloon East.

The floor is follow the design of Avenue of Stars, laying 60 Hong Kong entertainment celebrities who received awards from Hong Kong Film Awards. The top of atrium was filled with polygon stained glass for the design, the bright colors as well as the design of three hollow atrium.


There is a public underground transport interchange, providing multiple bus and minibus routes were between the major housing estates in Hong Kong and Wong Tai Sin district.

There had the entrances and exits in Diamond Hill MTR station, facilitate the public to use the MTR system to getting around Hong Kong. In addition, there had travel agencies also has a branch in the ground floor.

The main attraction of this shopping centre is the Stars Atrium. It is often home to many promotional features, including the 1 vs. 100 feature during the month of August in 2006. It also features a large LED screen.

Each levels were connected by multiple sets of escalators and air-conditioning systems, providing a comfortable shopping environment to the customers. The fourth floor was the attic, which including the sales office of the shopping centre, cinemas and restaurants, all of which are independently connected via the elevator of third floor.


Plaza Hollywood has boutiques everywhere, there has multiple brands under i.t.'s.

Level 1 are the large fashion apparels, jewelry and jewelry stores concentrated.

Level 2 are mainly for skin care, cosmetics, clothing, home appliances and telecoms shops.

Level 3 are restaurants, children's clothing, cinemas and household personal care stores.

There has over 30 restaurants, including Pizza Hut and Wing Wah. It also has over 100 clothing, electronics, and retail stores.


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