Rural Municipality of Poplar Valley No. 12

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Poplar Valley No. 12 (2006 Population 245) is a rural municipality in Southern Saskatchewan, Canada encompassing 769.37 square kilometers in area. The rural municipality in conjunction with the provincial government is in charge of maintenance of highways in its area. As well, the municipality provides policing, fire protection and municipal governance for the rural district, with a reeve as its administrator.

The rural municipality is a part owner of the Fife Lake Railway. [1]

The southern boundary of the RM is the United States border with Daniels County, Montana.



Canada census – Rural Municipality of Poplar Valley No. 12 community profile
Population: 245 (-12.8% from 2001)
Land area: 769.37 km2 (297.06 sq mi)
Population density: 0.3/km2 (0.78/sq mi)
Median age: 43.1 (M: 45.2, F: 36.8)
Total private dwellings: 123
Median household income: $N/A
References: 2006[2] earlier[3]


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Coordinates: 49°07′50″N 105°48′44″W / 49.13056°N 105.81222°W / 49.13056; -105.81222