Psel River

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Psel, Псeл
Река Псёл у села Самарино 03.JPG
Origin Kursk Oblast, Russia
Mouth Dnieper River
Basin countries Russia, Ukraine
Length 717 km
Basin area 22,800 km²

The Psel (Russian: Псёл, translit. Psyol; Ukrainian: Псeл, Псьол, Псло, translit. Psel, Ps'ol, Pslo) is a river, a left tributary of the Dnipro River, which flows through Russia and Ukraine.

The Psel has a length of 717 km and a drainage basin of 22,800 km². The river's right bank is high and steep, unlike the low, left bank. Its periods of freezing range from the end of November till the middle of March.

Important tributaries of the river include: (R): Sudzha, Grun', and Khorol; (L): Pena, Grun'-Tashan', and Goltva.

Cities and towns located on the river are: Sumy, Ukraine, the administrative center of the Sumy Oblast; Oboyan, Kursk Oblast, Russia; and Hadyach, Poltava Oblast, Ukraine.

Coordinates: 49°01′16″N 33°32′03″E / 49.02111°N 33.53417°E / 49.02111; 33.53417