Pyrin domain

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PAAD/DAPIN/Pyrin domain
PDB 1pn5 EBI.jpg
Pfam PF02758
Pfam clan CL0041
InterPro IPR004020
SCOP 1pn5
CDD cd08305

A pyrin domain is a protein domain and a subclass of protein motif known as the death fold; it allows a pyrin domain containing protein to interact with other proteins that contain a pyrin domain. It is also known as a PYD or PAAD/DAPIN domain, and is distantly evolutionarily related to the Death domain family of protein domains.[1][2][3] Proteins containing a pyrin domain are frequently involved in biological processes called inflammation and apoptosis.[4][5] Proteins that possess a pyrin domain include intracellular microbial sensors called NOD-like receptors, and proteins associated with their function, such as PYCARD and certain fish caspases.


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