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RPCS3 screenshot july 2014.png
RPCS3 running on Windows 7
Developer(s) RPCS3 Team
Stable release / 11 October 2015; 34 days ago (2015-10-11)
Preview release revision cdf38d1 / 22 July 2015; 3 months ago (2015-07-22)
Development status Active
Written in C++, C
Operating system Windows, OS X, Linux
Platform x86-64 (with SSE4 preferred)
Size 5.3 MB
Type Video game console emulator
License GNU GPLv2
Website rpcs3.net

RPCS3 is a free and open-source in-development emulator of the Playstation 3 for Windows, OS X and Linux, allowing games to be played and debugged on a PC.[1] As of August 2015, the emulator is capable of playing two commercial games: Sonic CD and Retro City Rampage, and partially playing a number of others.


RPCS3 was created on May 23, 2011 by developers DH & Hykem,[2] initially on Google Code and moving to GitHub in 2013. It was first able to run simple homebrew projects in September 2011,[3] and the first named release, v0.0.0.2, was in June 2012,[4] followed by v0.0.0.4 in August 2013[5] and v0.0.0.5 in June 2014.[6]

By early 2014, RPCS3 was capable of emulating Arkedo Series - 02 SWAP!, Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, and some homebrew projects to varying degrees of playability,[1] with bugs and glitches present;[7] these games are notable in that they hardly use the SPU cores at all, making them easier to emulate and a good target for fixing PPU bugs.[8] A few more games have been brought to partial playability in 2015, including How to Train Your Dragon.[9] The emulation suffers from low framerate, in the single-digits even with 8-core PCs, but the developers have worked to reduce the bugs present and have enabled many more games to at least load the title screen and intro.[10] The emulator features little in way of optimizations, but a PPU recompiler has been developed to help with the speed issue.[11]

RPCS3 features a rapid release model, posting weekly builds to their front page.


Cinema Blend's William Usher wrote that "A lot of gamers originally thought that the complexity of the PlayStation 3's Cell architecture would have prevented it from being emulated", but development of RPCS3 shows that emulation is possible.[1]

Eurogamer's Elio Cossu wrote that the emulation, even at such an early stage, was "a remarkable achievement, considering the complexity of the hardware of the PS3."[7]

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