Lok Kalyan Marg station

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Delhi Metro logo.svg
Lok Kalyan Marg
लोक कल्याण मार्ग
Delhi Metro station
Owned by Delhi Metro
Line(s)      Yellow Line

Island platform

Platform-1 → HUDA City Centre
Platform-2 →Samaypur Badli
Tracks 2
Structure type Underground
Opened 3 September 2010
Electrified 25 kV 50 Hz AC through overhead catenary
Preceding station   Delhi Metro   Following station
Yellow Line

The Lok Kalyan Marg (Hindi: लोक कल्याण मार्ग) Metro Station is located on the Yellow Line of the Delhi Metro.[1]

It serves the Lok Kalyan Marg area in Central Delhi, and the Prime Minister's official residence, 7, Lok Kalyan Marg is located nearby.[2]

Now, Race Course has changed to Lok Kalyan Marg Metro Station.



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