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Red Line
(Line 1)
Red line reference.png
Red Line
Type Rapid transit
System Delhi Metro
Status Operational
Locale Delhi
Termini Dilshad Garden (east)
Rithala (west)
Stations Total 28
8 Under construction
Daily ridership 374,516[1]
Opened December 25, 2002; 15 years ago (2002-12-25)
Owner DMRC
Operator(s) Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
Character At-grade and elevated
Line length 34.4 km (21.4 mi)
9.40 Km Under construction
Track gauge Indian gauge
Electrification 25 kV 50 Hz AC through overhead catenary
Operating speed 33 km/hr
Route map

The Red Line of the Delhi Metro system in Delhi consists of the first stretch that was constructed and commissioned in Delhi and has of 21 stations that runs from Dilshad Garden to Rithala with a total distance of 24.4 km.[2] The entire line is elevated. The line connects the areas of North East Delhi, North Delhi and North West Delhi. The DMRC was incorporated in 1995 and construction for the Tiz Hazari to Shahdra section began in October 1998, and opened in December 2002.


The Red Line was the first line of the Delhi Metro to be constructed and opened. The first Segment was constructed from Tis Hazari to Shahdara and opened on 25 December 2002. The Strategy worked in favour of DMRC. Many foreign investors, specifically from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation invested in the project, they were really impressed with the attempt, especially by the corruption free model. The money invested was utilised to complete the rest of the segments in phase-I and then in construction of the phase-II. Subsequently, other stations were opened in phases, initially between Tis Hazari to Inderlok in 2003, then from Inderlok to Rithala in 2004 and a final eastern extension from Shahdara to Dilshad Garden in 2008. The Red Line has interchanges with the Yellow Line at Kashmere Gate and the Green Metro at Inderlok. Kashmere Gate also has an interchange with the Violet Line. This line is the third most heavily used by daily commuters, as it acts as a link for those, who reside in West and North Delhi, to travel towards East Delhi and vice versa.

Future extensions[edit]

An extension from Rithala to Bawana (6.1 km), originally planned for Phase I, has been moved into Phase III for completion by 2016-17 respectively. Another Phase III plan, includes an eastward extension of 9.5  km from Dilshad Garden to Ghaziabad ISBT (New Bus Stand) which was approved by the DMRC and the government in January 2014. Construction began in early 2015 and is expected to be completed by October 2018, thereby providing commuters another link to travel to Ghaziabad, as opposed to the Blue Line branch, that connects to Vaishali in Ghaziabad.[3]

Toward Narela[edit]

Under the Phase IV of the Delhi Metro Red Line will extended towards Narela (21.73 km)[4] with the proposed following Stations: Rohini Sector 26, Rohini Sector 31, Rohini Sector 32, Rohini Sector 36, Rohini Sector 37, Barwala, Put Khurd, Bawana Industrial Area – 1, Bawana Industrial Area – 2, Bawana, Bawana JJ Colony, Sanoth, New Sanoth Colony, Anaj Mandi and Narela

Extension date Termini Length Stations
25 December 2002 Shahdara Tis Hazari 8.3 kilometers (5.2 mi) 6
3 October 2003 Tis Hazari Inderlok 4.1 kilometers (2.5 mi) 4
31 March 2004 Inderlok Rithala 8.9 kilometers (5.5 mi) 8
4 June 2008 Shahdara Dilshad Garden 3.1 kilometers (1.9 mi) 3
Total Dilshad Garden Rithala 24.4 kilometers (15.2 mi) 21


Red Line of Delhi Metro

Red Line

Red Lineरेड लाइन (Line 1) Rithala to Ghaziabad Bus Adda[edit]

Length 9.41 km Elevated. Total Stations 8 Elevated. Cumulative physical progress of civil works up to Feb-2018 is 94.00 percent.The line is targeted for completion in October-2018 subject to land and fund availability from GDA.

List of stations (East to North)[edit]

Delhi Metro Red Line
New Bus Adda
Mohan Nagar
Shyam Park
Rajendra Nagar
Raj Bagh
Shahid Nagar
↑ under construction
Dilshad Garden
Mansarovar Park
Swami Dayanand Marg
Shastri Park
Kashmere Gate
Tis Hazari
Rani Jhansi Road
Pul Bangash
Pratap Nagar
Swami Narayan Marg
Shastri Nagar
Kanhiya Nagar
Keshav Puram
Ring Road
Netaji Subhash Place
Kohat Enclave
Pitam Pura
Outer Ring Road
Rohini East
Rohini West

Delhi Metro currently have parking facilities Car parking at 20 metro stations of the Red line.[5]

Red Line
No. Station Name Opening Interchange


Station Layout Depot Connection Depot Layout
English Hindi
1 New Bus Adda नया बस स्टैन्ड December 2018  Bus Terminal  Elevated None None
2 Hindon हिंडन December 2018  Bus Terminal  Elevated None None
3 Raj Nagar Extension अर्थला December 2018 None Elevated None None
4 Mohan Nagar मोहन नगर December 2018  Blue Line   Bus Terminal  Elevated None None
5 Shyam park श्याम पार्क December 2018  Indian Railways  Elevated None None
6 Rajendra Nagar राजेन्द्र नगर December 2018  Indian Railways  Elevated None None
7 Raj Bagh राज बाग December 2018 None Elevated None None
8 Shahid Nagar शहीद नगर December 2018  Bus Terminal  Elevated None None
9 Dilshad Garden Car parking दिलशाद गार्डन 4 June 2008  Indian Railways   Feeder Bus  Elevated None None
10 Jhilmil Car parking झिलमिल कालोनी 4 June 2008  Feeder Bus  Elevated None None
11 Mansarovar Park Car parking मानसरोवर पार्क 4 June 2008  Feeder Bus  Elevated None None
12 Shahdara Car parking शाहदरा 25 December 2002  Indian Railways   Bus Terminal  Elevated None None
13 Welcome Car parking वेलकम 25 December 2002  Pink Line   Feeder Bus  Elevated None None
14 Seelampur Car parking सीलमपुर 25 December 2002  Feeder Bus  Elevated None None
15 Shastri Park Car parking शास्त्री पार्क 25 December 2002  Feeder Bus  At Grade Shastri Park Depot At Grade
16 Kashmere Gate Car parking कश्मीरी गेट 25 December 2002  Yellow Line   Violet Line   ISBT  Elevated None None
17 Tis Hazari Car parking तीस हजारी 25 December 2002  Feeder Bus  Elevated None None
18 Pul Bangash पुल बंगाश 3 October 2003  Indian Railways  None None
19 Pratap Nagar Car parking प्रताप नगर 3 October 2003  Indian Railways  Elevated None None
20 Shastri Nagar Car parking शास्त्री नगर 3 October 2003  Indian Railways  Elevated None None
21 Inderlok Car parking इन्दरलोक 3 October 2003  Green Line   Feeder Bus  Elevated None None
22 Kanhiya Nagar Car parking कन्हैया नगर 31 March 2004  Feeder Bus  Elevated None None
23 Keshav Puram Car parking केशव पुरम 31 March 2004  Feeder Bus  Elevated None None
24 Netaji Subhash Place Car parking नेताजी सुभाष प्लेस 31 March 2004  Pink Line   Feeder Bus  Elevated None None
25 Kohat Enclave Car parking कोहाट एन्क्लेव 31 March 2004  Feeder Bus  Elevated None None
26 Pitam Pura Car parking पीतमपुरा 31 March 2004  Feeder Bus  Elevated None None
27 Rohini East Car parking रोहिणी पूर्व 31 March 2004  Magenta Line  Elevated None None
28 Rohini West रोहिणी पश्चिम 31 March 2004  Feeder Bus  Elevated None None
29 Rithala Car parking रिठाला 31 March 2004  Bus Terminal  Elevated None None
30 Rohini Sector 25 रोहिणी सेक्टर 25 2022  Feeder Bus  Elevated None None
31 Rohini Sector 31 रोहिणी सेक्टर 31 2022 None Elevated None None
32 Rohini Sector 32 रोहिणी सेक्टर 32 2022 None Elevated None None
33 Rohini Sector 36 रोहिणी सेक्टर 36 2022 None Elevated None None
34 Rohini Sector 37 रोहिणी सेक्टर 37 2022 None Elevated None None
35 Barwala बरवाला 2022 None Elevated None None
36 Put Khurd पट  खुर्द 2022 None Elevated None None
37 Bawana Industrial Area – 1 बवाना औद्योगिक क्षेत्र 1 2022 None Elevated None None
38 Bawana Industrial Area – 2 बवाना औद्योगिक क्षेत्र 2 2022 None Elevated None None
39 Bawana बवाना 2022  Bus Terminal  Elevated None None
40 Bawana JJ Colony बवाना जेजे कॉलोनी 2022  Feeder Bus  Elevated None None
41 Sanpath सनपथ 2022 None Elevated None None
42 New Sanath Colony न्यू सनथ कॉलोनी 2022 None Elevated None None
43 Anaj Mandi अनाज मण्डी 2022 None Elevated None None
44 Narela नरेला 2022  Yellow Line   Bus Terminal   Indian Railways  Elevated None None
45 Narela Sector A5 नरेला सेक्टर ए5 2022  Feeder Bus  Elevated NoneNone
46 Kundli कुंडली 2022  Bus Terminal  Elevated NoneNone
47 Nathupur नथुपुर 2022  Bus Terminal  Elevated NoneNone

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