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The façade of the Library
New wing of the library opened in 2013
Postcard of the library from 1904

The Raczyński Library was founded by Count Edward Raczyński in Poznań. The library's building was erected in 1822–1828 with the financial support of Edward Raczyński Foundation. The structure of a classical building features a colonnade reminiscent of the eastern façade of the Louvre. In front of the main building of the library stands the Hygieia's Fountain statue created by Albert Wolff in 1841.


During the Second World War nearly all of the library's books were destroyed in a fire apart from special collections looted by Nazi Germany. In 1994, the library was in possession of around 252,000 books.

Between 2010-2013 a new wing of the library was constructed, which helped to better display the library's collections. It was officially opened on 1 July 2013 and covers the area of 11,000 square metres and was co-financed by European Union funds.

The current director of the library is Anna Gruszecka.

The library also exercises control over the museums of such writers as Henryk Sienkiewicz and Józef Ignacy Kraszewski.

Past directors[edit]

The directors of the library:

  • (1829-1852) Józef Łukaszewicz
  • (1852-1868) Antoni Popliński
  • (1868-1901) Maksymilian Sosnowski
  • (1902-1912) Oswald Collmann
  • (1913-1914) Wilhelm Christiani
  • (1916), (1918-1919) Adolf Kunkel
  • (1919-1928) Antoni Bederski
  • (1929-1939) Andrzej Wojtkowski
  • (1939-1941) Józef Raczyński
  • (1941-1945) Paul Sattler
  • (1945-1947) Józef Frieske
  • (1948) Halina Kurkówna
  • (1949-1953) Feliks Róg-Mazurek
  • (1954) Wacław Lica
  • (1955-1956) Leon Pawlak
  • (1957-1962) Bernard Olejniczak
  • (1964-1972) Helena Seidel
  • (1962-1963), (1972-1977), (1981-1997) Janusz Dembski
  • (1977-1981) Alfred Laboga
  • (1997-2014) Wojciech Spaleniak
  • (2014-present) Anna Gruszecka

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