Rary the Traitor

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Rary the Traitor
Code WGR3
TSR Product Code 9386
Rules required 2nd Ed AD&D
Character levels All / 8+
Campaign setting Greyhawk
Authors Anthony Prior
First published 1992

Rary the Traitor [1] is a Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook and module for the World of Greyhawk campaign setting.

Plot summary[edit]

The work details the empire of the renegade archmage Rary, known as the Empire of the Bright Lands. Historical background of the Bright Desert is also covered, and introduced the ancient Flan nations of Sulm and Itar to the setting. Information on Robilar, Rary's co-conspirator, is also provided.

The information in the sourcebook section of the publication can be used in campaigns involving characters of all levels, however the adventures contained in the module are designed for characters of levels eight or higher.

Publication history[edit]

Rary the Traitor was written by Anthony Pryor and released by TSR in 1992.



  1. ^ Pryor, Anthony (1992). Rary the Traitor. WGR3. World of Greyhawk: TSR, Inc. p. 48. ISBN 1-56076-497-X. 9386. 

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