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Date1979 (1979)
Presented byAftonbladet
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Zara Larsson, Sabaton, Håkan Hellström at Gröna Lund in Stockholm after being awarded the prize in August 2013

Rockbjörnen (Swedish: the Rock Bear) is a music prize in Sweden, divided into several categories, which is awarded annually by the newspaper Aftonbladet. The prize was first awarded in 1979, and is mostly centered on pop and rock.

In 2010, Rockbjörnen was redone and focused more on live performances. This initiative was hailed by artists and industry. The period for selecting the winners of Rockbjörnen was extended from one month to three months (all summer).


Rockbjörnen's Myspace prize[edit]

Year Laureate
2007 Kid Down
2008 Billie the Vision and the Dancers

The year's best dance band[edit]

Year Laureate
1979 Wizex

The year's best Swedish band[edit]

Year Laureate
1979 No awards
1980 Noice
1981 Freestyle
1982 Gyllene Tider
1983 Raj Montana Band
1984 Ratata
1985 Imperiet
1986 Europe
1987 Ratata
1988 Roxette
1989 Roxette
1990 the Creeps[1]
1991 Roxette
1992 Roxette
1993 Atomic Swing
1994 Nordman
1995 Just D
1996 Jumper
1997 Kent
1998 The Cardigans
1999 Kent
2000 The Ark
2001 Lambretta
2002 Kent
2003 Kent
2004 Gyllene Tider
2005 Bodies Without Organs
2006 BWO
2007 Sahara Hotnights
2008 Takida

The year's best live group[edit]

Year Laureate
2010 Kent
2011 The Ark

The year's Swedish female artist[edit]

Year Laureate
1979 No awards
1980 Liza Öhman
1981 Eva Dahlgren
1982 Anni-Frid Lyngstad
1983 Agnetha Fältskog
1984 Eva Dahlgren
1985 Anne-Lie Rydé
1986 Marie Fredriksson
1987 Marie Fredriksson
1988 Marie Fredriksson
1989 Marie Fredriksson
1990 Titiyo
1991 Eva Dahlgren
1992 Lisa Nilsson
1993 Louise Hoffsten
1994 Lisa Ekdahl
1995 Robyn
1996 Dilba
1997 Cajsalisa Ejemyr
1998 Emilia Rydberg
1999 Robyn
2000 Feven
2001 Lisa Miskovsky
2002 Robyn
2003 Lisa Miskovsky
2004 Lena Philipsson
2005 Laleh
2006 Lisa Miskovsky
2007 Sonja Aldén
2008 Amanda Jenssen
2010 Robyn
2011 Veronica Maggio

The year's female live act[edit]

Year Laureate
2010 Robyn
2011 Veronica Maggio

The year's Swedish live act[edit]

Year Laureate
2007 The Ark
2008 Håkan Hellström

The year's Swedish newcomer[edit]

Year Laureate
2002 The Sounds
2003 Pauline
2004 Ana Johnsson
2005 Laleh
2006 Sebastian Karlsson
2007 Måns Zelmerlöw
2008 Amanda Jenssen

The year's breakthrough[edit]

Year Laureate
2010 Oskar Linnros
2011 Daniel Adams-Ray

Swedish song of the year[edit]

Year Laureate
1992 Himlen runt hörnet by Lisa Nilsson
1993 Lilla fågel blå by Staffan Hellstrand
1994 Vandraren by Nordman
1995 Fiskarna i haven by Idde Schultz
1996 Gå Och Fiskar by Gyllene Tider
1997 Save Tonight by Eagle-Eye Cherry
1998 Big Big World by Emilia Rydberg
1999 Musik non stop by Kent
2000 Hiphopper by Thomas Rusiak feat. Teddybears Sthlm
2001 Come Along by Titiyo
2002 Kom Igen Lena! by Håkan Hellström
2003 Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång) by Per Gessle
2004 Walk Idiot Walk av The Hives
2005 Alla vill till himmelen men ingen vill dö by Timbuktu
2006 7milakliv by Martin Stenmarck
2007 Om du lämnade mig nu by Lars Winnerbäck & Miss Li
2008 Feel Good by Ola
2010 Från och med du by Oskar Linnros
2011 Jag kommer by Veronica Maggio

The year's Swedish male artist[edit]

Year Laureate
1979 Ulf Lundell
1980 Ulf Lundell
1981 Mikael Rickfors
1982 Ulf Lundell
1983 Magnus Uggla
1984 Dan Hylander
1985 Joakim Thåström
1986 Magnus Uggla
1987 Orup
1988 Tommy Nilsson
1989 Orup
1990 Niklas Strömstedt
1991 Tomas Ledin
1992 Mauro Scocco
1993 Magnus Uggla
1994 Uno Svenningsson
1995 Olle Ljungström
1996 E-Type
1997 Eagle Eye Cherry
1998 E-Type
1999 Orup
2000 Håkan Hellström
2001 Håkan Hellström
2002 Håkan Hellström
2003 Per Gessle
2004 Lars Winnerbäck
2005 Darin
2006 Lars Winnerbäck
2007 Lars Winnerbäck
2008 Lars Winnerbäck

The year's male live act[edit]

Year Laureate
2010 Lars Winnerbäck
2011 Håkan Hellström

The year's Swedish album[edit]

Year Laureate
1979 Ripp Rapp by Ulf Lundell
1980 Palsternacka by Dag Vag
1981 Kärlek & Uppror by Ebba Grön
1982 Kär och galen by Ulf Lundell
1983 Välkommen till folkhemmet by Magnus Uggla
1984 Chess by Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Tim Rice
1985 Blå himlen blues by Imperiet
1986 Den döende dandyn by Magnus Uggla
1987 Efter stormen av Marie Fredriksson
1988 Look Sharp! by Roxette
1989 35-åringen by Magnus Uggla
1990 Tillfälligheternas spel by Tomas Ledin
1991 Joyride by Roxette
1992 Himlen runt hörnet by Lisa Nilsson
1993 Alla får påsar by Magnus Uggla
1994 Nordman by Nordman
1995 Ingenmansland by Nordman
1996 Verkligen by Kent
1997 Isola by Kent
1998 Gran Turismo by The Cardigans
1999 Det är ni som e dom konstiga, det är jag som e normal by Thåström
2000 Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg by Håkan Hellström
2001 Tillbaks på ruta 1 by Patrik Isaksson
2002 Vapen & ammunition by Kent
2003 Mazarin by Per Gessle
2004 Finn 5 fel! by Gyllene Tider
2005 Du & jag döden by Kent
2006 Changes by Lisa Miskovsky
2007 Tillbaka till samtiden by Kent
2008 För sent för Edelweiss by Håkan Hellström

The year's foreign artist[edit]

Year Laureate
1979 No awards
1980 Bruce Springsteen
1981 Kim Wilde
1982 David Bowie
1983 David Bowie
1984 Prince
1985 Bruce Springsteen
1986 Bruce Springsteen
1987 Michael Jackson
1988 Bruce Springsteen
1989 Madonna
1990 Sinéad O'Connor
1991 Bryan Adams
1992 Madonna
1993 Meat Loaf
1994 R.E.M.
1995 Björk
1996 Alanis Morissette
1997 Puff Daddy
1998 Madonna
1999 Britney Spears
2000 Eminem
2001 Robbie Williams
2002 Eminem
2003 Robbie Williams
2004 Anastacia
2005 James Blunt
2006 Justin Timberlake
2007 Timbaland
2008 Duffy

The year's foreign group[edit]

Year Laureate
1979 No awards
1980 Police
1981 Police
1982 Rolling Stones
1983 Police
1984 Alphaville
1985 Dire Straits
1986 Eurythmics
1987 U2
1988 U2
1989 Milli Vanilli (disqualified; it was revealed that they were miming to a record)
1990 Depeche Mode
1991 Guns N' Roses
1992 Guns N' Roses
1993 Aerosmith
1994 R.E.M.
1995 Oasis
1996 The Fugees
1997 The Verve
1998 Five
1999 Red Hot Chili Peppers
2000 Red Hot Chili Peppers
2001 Linkin Park
2002 Red Hot Chili Peppers
2003 Evanescence
2004 Maroon 5
2005 Green Day
2006 Red Hot Chili Peppers
2007 Tokio Hotel
2008 Coldplay

The year's foreign song[edit]

Year Laureate
1992 Sweat (A La La La Long) by Inner Circle
1993 Runaway Train by Soul Asylum
1994 Love Is All Around by Wet Wet Wet delade med Always by Bon Jovi
1995 Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio
1996 Killing Me Softly by The Fugees
1997 I'll Be Missing You by Puff Daddy
1998 Believe by Cher
1999 The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang
2000 Hey Ya! by Outkast
2001 Can't Get You Out of My Head by Kylie Minogue
2002 By the Way by Red Hot Chili Peppers
2003 Hey Ya! by Outkast
2004 This Love by Maroon 5
2005 You're Beautiful by James Blunt
2006 Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
2007 Apologize by OneRepublic
2008 Viva la Vida by Coldplay
2010 World Behind My Wall by Tokio Hotel
2011 Born This Way by Lady Gaga
2015 Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

The year's foreign album[edit]

Year Laureate
1979 Communiqué by Dire Straits
1980 The Wall by Pink Floyd
1981 Tattoo You by The Rolling Stones
1982 Avalon by Roxy Music
1983 Colour by Numbers by Culture Club
1984 Forever Young by Alphaville
1985 Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits
1986 Revenge by Eurythmics
1987 The Joshua Tree by U2
1988 Rattle and Hum by U2
1989 Like a Prayer by Madonna
1990 Blaze of Glory by Jon Bon Jovi
1991 Waking up the Neighbours by Bryan Adams
1992 Dangerous by Michael Jackson
1993 Get a Grip by Aerosmith
1994 Monster by R.E.M.
1995 (What's the Story) Morning Glory by Oasis
1996 Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette
1997 Urban Hymns by The Verve
1998 Ray of Light by Madonna
1999 Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers
2000 The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem
2001 Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park
2002 The Eminem Show by Eminem
2003 Life For Rent by Dido
2004 Anastacia by Anastacia
2005 Confessions on a Dance Floor by Madonna
2006 I'm Not Dead by Pink
2007 Timbaland Presents Shock Value by Timbaland
2008 Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends by Coldplay

The year's concert[edit]

Year Laureate
2010 Welcome to Humanoid City with Tokio Hotel
2011 Mando Diao at Peace & Love

The year's festival[edit]

Year Laureate
2010 Peace & Love
2011 Peace & Love

The year's live act metal[edit]

Year Laureate
2011 Metallica

The year's live act hard rock/metal[edit]

Year Laureate
2011 Iron Maiden

The Century's foreign group/artist[edit]

Year Laureate
1999 The Beatles

The century's Swedish group/artist[edit]

Year Laureate
1999 ABBA


The year's female live artist, The year's male live artist & The year's livegroup[edit]

The artist will play at least three occasions in Sweden, at least three songs and the performance should be open to regular audience (fans) in front of the stage (not only on TV). The concerts must take place in Sweden.

The year's breakthrough[edit]

Formerly known as the prize The year’s Newcomer. The artist must have played in Sweden for public at least three occasions. Must not be their own concerts. Can be, for example, Rix FM Festival.

The year's concert[edit]

The performance will be the artist's own concert (not concerts like Rix FM Festival) in Sweden. It's enough with just one occasion.

The Year's hard rock/metal[edit]

The artist can be both from Sweden or another country, and must be current with a tour during the period.

Time of Rockbjörnen[edit]

For all categories for the period: From the day after Rockbjörnen gala until the voting form closes. For example, for the year 2012: September 1, 2011 to August 2, 2012


'Livelöpet is an interactive digital scene on where artists perform live concerts. At the concert, the audience can interact with both the artist and their Facebook friends through a variety of touch as to clap, shout, like songs, take pictures and post on Facebook, swaying with lighters and even making out with someone else in the audience. The artist takes part of all interactions.

Livelöpet was launched August 17, 2010 by Rockbjörnen Live, Aftonbladet's music prize since 1979, which that year went through a change and became a prize with focus on live performances. The investment was a strategic move to reposition Rockbjörnen from a traditional music prize to one that rewards the live scene in Sweden. The repositioning had its roots in the changing music industry underwent a technological paradigm shift (from about 1998 onwards) where music is increasingly consumed through digital media and the live scene grew stronger.

The first year seven Livelöpet concerts was performed, by Mando Diao, The Ark, Robyn, Salem Al Fakir, Ola, Anna Bergendahl och Eric Saade.

The artist plays live in the Aftonbladet studio. The concert streamed live over the web and with a custom-built application where the audience can interact with each other and the artist through various buttons. The artist takes part of the audience interaction via a monitor in the studio where all shouts appear in a live feed, just as the number of applause, waving lighters and snogging. A live update of the most requested songs are also listed on the monitor and the artist can choose whether it wants to meet the audience's wishes or not. Concerts can also be experienced with no impact if desired.

This can the audience do during the live concerts: Clap your hands, Shout, Wishing songs, Taking photos and post them on Facebook, Sway with the lighters, Make out with a Facebook friend or someone in the audience, See the concert without any effects

The total number of unique visitors was 44 000. Total number of interactions between audience and artists was 2.4 million. 29 million people worldwide were reached by the news of Livelöpet, which was spread through social media. The number of unique visitors to was increased with more than 300%. Traffic from 63 countries could be measured during the seven concerts.

There are a lot of advantages of the interactive digital scene Livelöpet. The artist reaches out to a large number of fans wherever they are geographically, and then reaches the so-called Long tail. The concert can be experienced by people who do not normally have the opportunity to get to or go to concerts, such as minors.

Unlike TV format, "meets" the fans their idol in the digital space when he or she takes part of all interactions from the audience.

The name Livelöpet (Live rennet) comes from the original idea where the idea was that the concert would be live in a banner on Then it would be without any interaction possibilities with the different buttons. The banner would be designed as a headline on which the sender is an evening paper, hence the name Livelöpet (live rennet).

Prior to the Swedish Parliamentary elections in 2010 there was a variant of Livelöpet; Live Square. Parliamentary party leaders' made speeches through the web and responded directly to questions from the audience. The audience was applauding or booing the party leaders’ voice, put on a party-button and take pictures of the speech which they could post on Facebook.


In SkapaTV for Rockbjörnen you can make your own music - for free both online and mobile. By simply assembling prefabricated clips where various artists giving live performances, interviews, and doing some fun things at the amusement park Gröna Lund in Stockholm, create your own personal movie. This is brand new and has never before been offered.

Artists who have performed at SkapaTV: Norlie & KKV, Molly Sandén, Ulrik Munther, Dead By April, Icona Pop, Linnea Henriksson & Panetoz.

References[edit] - Tidigare vinnare (1979-2008)

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