Rodéo (Lucky Luke)

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Lucky Luke #2
Cover of the Belgian edition
Date 1949
Series Lucky Luke
Publisher Dupuis
Creative team
Writers Morris
Artists Morris
Original publication
Published in Spirou magazine
  1. 528 - #545
    #546 - #566
    #567 - #584
Date of publication 1948 - 1949
Language French
ISBN 2-8001-0141-5
Preceded by La Mine d'or de Dick Digger, 1949
Followed by Arizona, 1951

Rodéo, written and drawn by Morris, is an album containing three stories from serial publication in Spirou magazine during 1948-49, namely Grand rodéo, Lucky Luke à Desperado-City and La ruée vers l'or de Buffalo Creek. Together they were released as the second Lucky Luke hardcover album in 1949.


In Grand Rodeo, Lucky Luke arrives in Navajo City, a town about to stage a rodeo, and soon meets the intimidating town bully, Cactus Kid. Presumed the favourite to win by the town and himself, Cactus Kid realises he may have met his match in Lucky Luke, and resorts to foul play. When this also fails, the Kid takes the prize money and runs, leading Lucky Luke to hunt him down.

In Desperado-City, Lucky Luke arrives in Desperado City, where two desperados, the Pistol Brothers, appear to be the source of local terror. Lucky Luke attempts to install peace by capturing the troublemakers, but it unfolds that the town is flooded with bandits, unwilling to accept the enforcement of the law, and Lucky Luke finds himself attacked from every direction. Against massive odds and nearly the victim of a lynching, Lucky Luke prevails to remove the element of crime, and rename the town "Justice City".

In The Buffalo Creek Gold Rush, Lucky Luke spots a sleeping prospector, and decides to play a practical joke on him, planting a little gold nugget in the pan. The prospector awakes to his greatest dream come through, and when Lucky Luke chases the euphoric gold digger and tries to reveal the joke, the prospector shoots at him, speeding into town to stake his claim and shout the news. The madness of a gold rush follows, bringing changes to Buffalo Creek of a greater scale than Lucky Luke expects, and when he makes a final attempt to explain the truth, he finds himself arrested. Unable to remedy the situation from inside a jail cell, Luke must let the situation run its course, a change coming undone as quickly as it started.


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