Roger Loveless

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Roger Loveless
Nationality American
Known for Fantasy art

Roger Loveless is an artist whose work has appeared in role-playing games.


Loveless graduated from Utah State University, then moved to Los Angeles to begin a freelance career in illustration.[1] He has worked for clients from the entertainment industry, publishing, and advertising, including Milton Bradley, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Studios.[1] He has created packaging illustrations for some Super NES and Genesis games and for G.I. Joe products.[2] His Dungeons & Dragons work includes Vale of the Mage (1989), Legends & Lore (1990), Castles (1990), Tome of Magic (1991), Slayers of Lankhmar (1992), Cities of Bone (1994), Player's Option: Combat & Tactics (1995), and Warlock of the Stonecrowns (1995).

Loveless is also known for his inspirational images of Jesus Christ.


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