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Rugiewit As a Warrior by Marek Hapon

Davor (Rugiewit, Rugiwit or Rujevit) was a Slavic deity. In a questionable interpretation he is seen by some as a local personification of the all-Slavic god of war Perun worshipped in all areas where the Slavic mythology was present.

Rugiewit was worshipped by members of the Rani in Charenza in Rugia in a temple erected to this god. Rugiewit was personified as a 7-faced deity. Similarly to Svantevit he is worshipped in the nearby fortress of Arkona. Other gods worshipped in Charenza included Porenut and Porewit.

In Wendish mythology the god Rugiewit is the protector of the isle of Rügen. The god Karewit assists Rugiewit in this role. Rugiewit's name means Lord of Rügen. He supposedly has seven heads and seven swords in his belt and the eighth sword in his hand.