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Russians in Armenia are ethnic Russian living in the Republic of Armenia, where they make up the largest minority besides the Yazidi Kurds. [1] Roughly 12,500 Russians are believed to live in the country today, concentrated around Yerevan and Gyumri where Russian border guard bases are located. They are believed to make up about 0.5% of the country's population. [2]


The first mass-immigration of Russians into Armenia occurred in the late 18th century when Molokans, a break-off sect of the Russian Orthodox Church, were deported to Amasya and Sevan, with some 5000 of their descendants still living in the nation.[1]

After the Russo-Turkish war of 1828-1829 many Russians immigrated to Russian Armenia, establishing businesses and churches, and settling throughout mountainous northwest of the country. The largest number, however, came from post-Russian Revolution immigration, where Orthodox Russians fleeing persecution under the new Soviet regime came to Armenia. Outward migration of Russians increased after 1990, during the Dissolution of the Soviet Union, when Armenian became the official language of the nation.[1]

Traditional Russian villages can still be found in Amassia, Ashotsk (Shirak), Sevan and Semyonvka (Gegharkunik Province), Filoetovo, Lermontov, Pushkino, Sverdlov, Lernantsk, Medovka, Lerhovit, Petrovka, Tashir and Mikaielovska (Lori Province).

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