Ukrainians in Armenia

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The Ukrainians in Armenia are people of full or partial ethnic Ukrainian origin who reside in Armenia.


The first Ukrainians in Armenia came in the mid 19th century after the migration to Transcaucasia by “the Cossacks from Minor Russia” to seal the Empire’s Southern borders. The main activity of the migrants was agriculture and livestock.

Ukrainian community organisations[edit]

  • Federation of Ukrainians of Armenia "Ukraine" (Ukrainian: Федерація Українців Вірменії «УКРАЇНА»), which publishes a Ukrainian-Armenian language newspaper Dnipro-Slavutych (Ukrainian: "Дніпро-Славутич").
  • Vocal and dance ensembles: "Dnipro", "Dzvinochok", "Verbychenka", "Malyatko"
  • "Ukraina" Benevolent Fund

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