Ryan Grim

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Ryan Grim
Ryan Grim
Born Still Pond, Maryland, U.S.
Nationality American
Alma mater St. Mary's College of Maryland / University of Maryland
Occupation Journalist
Known for Book: "This Is Your Country on Drugs"
Website http://yourcountryondrugs.com/bio.html

Ryan Grim is an author, Washington bureau chief for The Intercept.,[1] and a liberal / progressive political commentator for The Young Turks.[2] His writings have appeared in several publications, including Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, and Politico.[3] He is the author of This Is Your Country on Drugs.[4]

Professional overview[edit]

He has written a history of drug use and culture in the United States. From opium dens in New York in the 19th century to drug experimentation in the 1960s, and the current debates about the legalization of marijuana. Grim has presented his research on why certain drugs are popular at certain times in history and his thoughts on the government's war on drugs. He formerly worked as a junior staffer at the Marijuana Policy Project but left after a scandal involving the organization's head Rob Kampia, after Kampia was accused of sexual harassment.[5]


  • This Is Your Country on Drugs: The Secret History of Getting High in America; Publisher: Wiley (June 22, 2009) ISBN 0-470-16739-4.


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