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Iris 320 with pantograph monitoring dome on top.

Iris 320 is a modified TGV train operated by SNCF International as a dedicated track recording train for high-speed railways.[1] The train can run at 320 kilometres-per-hour and consists of two power cars and eight trailer coaches, providing a 160-metre long laboratory.[1] It was converted from former SNCF TGV Réseau passenger train number 4530.

The train primarily monitors the whole of the French high-speed LGV network every 15 days.[2] In addition it surveys other main lines in France operating at above 160 km/h[2] and the HSL 1 high-speed line in Belgium for Infrabel.

Once every two months, Iris 320 takes a survey of the Channel Tunnel for Eurotunnel (since December 2010) and of High Speed 1 for Network Rail (CTRL) in the United Kingdom (since 4/5 May 2011).[3] The cross-channel trips are diesel-hauled by Eurotunnel Class 0001 locomotives and undertaken at 100 km/h.[4][5]


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