SNCF Class Z 9500

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SNCF Z 9500
Z2 Arc et Senans.JPG
Unrefurbished Z99582 of Region Franche-Comté at Arc-et-Senans station.
In service 1982 - Current
Manufacturer Alstom
Family name Z2 series
Refurbishment Ongoing, 2007 - 2009
Number built 20 trainsets (40 cars)
Formation 2-car trainset
Capacity 32 (1st class)
119 (2nd class)
8 (standing)
Operator(s) SNCF TER Bourgogne, TER Franche-Comté, TER Rhône-Alpes
Depot(s) Lyon-Vénissieux
Car body construction Steel
Train length 50.2 m (164 ft 8.4 in)
Car length 25,100 mm (82 ft 4.2 in)
Width 2,480 mm (8 ft 1.64 in)
Height 4,300 mm (14 ft 1 in)
Maximum speed 160 km/h (99 mph)
Weight 126.7 t (124.7 long tons; 139.7 short tons)
Traction system four 750 V DC Alsthom TAB676 B1 traction motors
Power output 1,275 kW (1,710 hp)
Electric system(s) 1.5 kV DC and
25 kV AC Catenary
Current collection method Pantograph
Braking system(s) Electrodynamic
Safety system(s) Crocodile, KVB.
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge

The SNCF Class Z 9500 electric multiple units were built by Alsthom between 1982-1983.They are, together with the Z 9600 units, the dual-voltage version of the Z2 family.They are operated by TER Franche-Comté, TER Bourgogne and TER Rhône-Alpes.Many units still run in their original livery and have the original orange interior, although the first refurbished units with the unified TER-livery and AGC-style interiors are beginning to appear as of July 2007.