Said Aqil Siradj

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Said Aqil Siradj
Said Aqil Siradj.jpg
Siradj in 2017
Chairman of the Executive Council of Nahdlatul Ulama
In office
27 March 2010 – 24 December 2021
Preceded byHasyim Muzadi
Succeeded byYahya Cholil Staquf
Personal details
Born3 July 1953
Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia
Alma materKing Abdul Aziz University in Saudi Arabia, majoring in Ushuluddin and Da'wah, graduated in 1982
Master of Umm Al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia, majoring in Comparative Religion, graduated in 1987
Umm Al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia, majoring in Aqidah / Islamic Philosophy, graduated in 1994

Said Aqil Siradj is an Indonesian Islamic scholar and former chairman of the executive council of Nahdlatul Ulama, the largest Islamic organization in the world. The most recent publication of The 500 Most Influential Muslims by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Jordan ranked him as the 20th most influential Muslim person in the world.[1]

Siradj has consistently spoken out in opposition to the November 2016 Jakarta protests. Siradj cited a fatwa that prohibited praying in the street as the protesters had planned since it disturbed the peace,[2][3][4] though his position was immediately opposed by Indonesian Ulema Council, an organization specifically of religious leaders which includes Nadhlatul Ulama leaders.[5] Siradj event cited the positions of the Maliki and Shafi'i schools of thought within Sunni Islam that prohibit praying the congregational prayers in the middle of a street.[6]

In addition to his leadership within Nahdlatul Ulama, Siradj also founded the Said Aqil Centre, an organization in Egypt which focuses on developing Islamic discourse in the Middle East,[1] and since 2021 has become the chairman of the board of commissioners of Kereta Api Indonesia.[7]


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