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San José
Flag of San José
Official seal of San José
San Jose in Costa Rica.svg
Coordinates: 9°36′N 83°57′W / 9.6°N 83.95°W / 9.6; -83.95Coordinates: 9°36′N 83°57′W / 9.6°N 83.95°W / 9.6; -83.95
Country Costa Rica
Capital city San José (pop. 1,274,746)
 • Total 4,966 km2 (1,917 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 1,404,242
 • Density 280/km2 (730/sq mi)
ISO 3166 code CR-SJ
Blanco River, county of Pérez Zeledón. Most rivers in the province of San José are shallow, narrow and often run through mountainous terrain, making them impossible to navigate.
Cerro de la Muerte, southeast of the province

San José (Spanish pronunciation: [saŋ xoˈse]) is a province of Costa Rica. It is located in the central part of the country, and borders (clockwise beginning in the north) the provinces of Alajuela, Heredia, Limón, Cartago and Puntarenas. The provincial capital is San José, that is also the national capital. The province covers an area of 4,965.9 km².[1] and has a population of 1,404,242.[2]


The province of San José is subdivided into 20 cantons.

Canton (Capital):

  1. San José (San José)
  2. Escazú (Escazú)
  3. Desamparados (Desamparados)
  4. Puriscal (Santiago)
  5. Tarrazú (San Marcos)
  6. Aserrí (Aserrí)
  7. Mora (Ciudad Colón)
  8. Goicoechea (Guadalupe)
  9. Santa Ana (Santa Ana)
  10. Alajuelita (Alajuelita)
  11. Vázquez de Coronado (San Isidro)
  12. Acosta (San Ignacio)
  13. Tibás (San Juan)
  14. Moravia (San Vicente)
  15. Montes de Oca (San Pedro)
  16. Turrubares (San Pablo)
  17. Dota (Santa María)
  18. Curridabat (Curridabat)
  19. Pérez Zeledón (San Isidro de El General)
  20. León Cortés (San Pablo)

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