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This article is about the kibbutz. For other uses, see Sarid (disambiguation).
Kibbutz Sarid
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Council Jezreel Valley
Region Galilee
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Founded 1926
Founded by Eastern European immigrants

Kibbutz Sarid (Hebrew: שָׂרִיד) (lit. "Remnant") is a kibbutz in northern Israel. Located near Migdal HaEmek, it falls under the jurisdiction of Jezreel Valley Regional Council. In 2006 it had a population of 590.


Ottoman era[edit]

A map from Napoleon's invasion of 1799 by Pierre Jacotin showed the place, named as Karm Ennefiiceh.[1]

In 1881, the Palestine Exploration Fund's Survey of Western Palestine (SWP) found at Ikhneifis the "ruin of a tower built by Daher el-Omar about a century ago (1162 A.H.)."[2]

British Mandate era[edit]

The kibbutz was established by immigrants from Czechoslovakia, Poland and Russia in 1926 lands purchased from the village of Khuneifis.[3] The land was sold by the Sursock family, its absentee landlords.[4] It took its name from the biblical city of Sarid, situated in the southern part of the tribe of Zebulun (Joshua 19:10).

The poets Natan Yonatan and Pinchas Sadeh and the politicians Natan Peled and Shlomo Rosen were members of the kibbutz.


In the 1950s, the kibbutz established Camel Grinding Wheels (CGW), which now has three plants for the manufacture of cutting discs, grinding wheels and coated abrasives.[5]


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Coordinates: 32°39′47.16″N 35°13′32.52″E / 32.6631000°N 35.2257000°E / 32.6631000; 35.2257000