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The Satyricon as pictured in 2007.

Satyricon was a nightclub in the Old Town neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, United States, best known as a venue for local and touring alternative rock bands and referred to as the oldest rock club on the West Coast.[1]


Satyricon, located at 125 N.W. Sixth Avenue (formerly "Marlowe's Tavern, a dark, narrow barroom on a seedy stretch") opened in 1983 and operated until May 2003, with mostly indie and punk rock bands performing.[2] The club was named by its founder George Touhouliotis after Federico Fellini's film of that name, and included a restaurant called Fellini.[1]

The Satyricon was known for being the one venue in Portland "where everyone who was or would be anyone in Northwest rock played over the course of two decades,"[1] earning the nightclub a national reputation. The club became a popular hangout for rock fans and musicians, and was a regular venue for local punk bands the Wipers and Poison Idea.[3] It was also frequented by Courtney Love, who met friend/bandmate Kat Bjelland there in 1983.[4] The club is also notable for being the place where Love first crossed paths with her future husband, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain; according to Love, she met Cobain there in 1988 at a Dharma Bums concert,[5] although other accounts state that the two met in January 1989 or 1990 when Nirvana was playing at the club,[6] and that they playfully wrestled in front of a jukebox that night.

Other notable events at the club included Chuck Paugh's first rave party there in 1985, as well as Dave Grohl playing his first show with his post-Nirvana outfit Foo Fighters after Cobain's suicide. Pearl Jam also played the club on September 28, 1991.[7] Other events, besides notable concerts, include a number of incidents involving notable people (including Courtney Love passing out) and a police riot in 1990.[8]

The club closed in 2003 and was slated to be taken over by the owners of another (former) club in town, Moody's.[2] It reopened as an all-ages club in August 2006 under the management of the owners of the Loveland, an all-ages venue in Portland.[9] It closed in October 2010.[2][10] Demolition began in July 2011.[11] Much of the building was down by October 2011. A crane was visible and new construction started November 2011.

The news headlines arising from Satyricon include:[8]

  • Satyricon License Threatened By Drug Bust
  • "Riot" At Satyricon
  • Audience Dances Naked At Satyricon
  • Courtney Love Passes Out At Satyricon
  • Midnight Madness
  • Satyricon's Dirty Dozen
  • Police Sue Six Men Over Scuffle
  • Whose Riot Was That, Anyway?

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