Shakotan Boogie

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Shakotan Boogie
Cover of the first manga volume (Kindle edition)
Written byMichiharu Kusunoki
Published byKodansha
MagazineYoung Magazine
Original run1 March 19866 August 1996
Original video animation
Directed byHirotaka Kinoshita (eps. 1–2)
Shinichi Tokairin (eps. 3–4)
Produced byYuji Nunokawa
Music byNoriyuki Asakura
StudioStudio Pierrot
Released February 6, 1991 July 17, 1992
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Shakotan Boogie (シャコタン★ブギ) is a manga by Michiharu Kusunoki, detailing the adventures of two friends interested in shakotan, the Japanese term for low cars.


  • Hajime Yamamoto (山本はじめ) and Koji Watanabe (渡辺滉ニ, also known as Koji)
Car: Toyota Soarer 2800GT (MZ11)

The main characters of the story and classmates, who cruise around in their Soarer getting into all sorts of trouble. They like to pick up girls, deal with bosozoku and chinpira, and run from police. Their Soarer has number "67" decals on bonnet and doors, and is white with blue and pink accentuations. Hajime also owns a Toyota Celsior (UCF10).

  • Akira Shimizu (清水明)
Car: Nissan Fairlady Z (S30)

A driver of a dump truck, whose Z is always driving very fast (akin to Akio Asakura's Devil Z). Akira's S30Z had a bored and stroked version of the original engine with force induction, and was also bodykitted with "G-nose" package with "Yanky Mate!" label on its golden-colored chassis, thus called "Akira Z". He had a drag racing battle with Hajime's Soarer.

  • Junichi Nomura (野村純一)
Car: Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R (KPGC10)

A man who owns a repairing shop (a reference to Ruf Automobile). He is also tuning people's cars (including his Skyline). His C10 Skyline (known as Hakosuka, or Boxy Skyline) has a tuned L28 engine and some useful performance enhancements such as an intercooler. However, during a battle with Mayumi the 7th, his Skyline quickly got wiped out, and crashed into barriers, but he managed to repair it. He had dreamt of driving his Skyline in Fuji Speedway, and was interested in cars and women. He also owns a dog.

Junichi Nomura is incidentally named after Ken Nomura, a D1 Grand Prix driver and former baseball player who currently uses Nissan Skylines.

  • Mayumi the 7th (セブンのマユミ)
Car: Mazda RX-7 (FC3S)

A mysterious woman which was often called "The Legendary Street Racer", and works at snack bar, she drives a rotary engined Mazda RX-7, and is very fast in the touge racing even in corners. She defeated Junichi's C10 Skyline on Hakone, and also races with Akira and Hajime. Her RX-7 has two tone colorings, which was popular color design among 1980s with the introduction of AE86 and S13, and with red-colored bumpers. In the third episode of OVA anime, she appears to use nitrous oxide.

  • Other characters: Mizutani, Koma and Chiaki, Michiaki, Toshi among others.


A self-titled live-action movie adaptation produced by Toei Company was released in 1987. A four-episode OVA based on the manga was released in 1991 and 1992. The list of OVAs are:

  • "The Scandal Girls" (あの娘とスキャンダル)
  • "A Letter from Komazaki" (駒崎クンからの手紙)
  • "Challenge! Mayumi the 7th" (参上!セブンのマユミ)
  • "Koji-My-Love" (コージ・マイ・ラブ)


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