Shigeo Tokuda

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Shigeo Tokuda
徳田 重男
Shigeo Tokuda

(1934-08-18) 18 August 1934 (age 85)
Chūō, Tokyo, Japan
Height1.60 m (5 ft 3 in)

Shigeo Tokuda (徳田 重男, Tokuda Shigeo, born 18 August 1934) is a Japanese male adult video actor. He has been described as "The Legend Grandpa" of Japan's porn industry, he's known in Indonesia as "kakek Sugiono" he inspired many new adult industries actors to push their careers to a later age.[1]

Life and career[edit]

Tokuda was born on 18 August 1934[2] and worked as a travel agent until his retirement at about age 60.[3] According to Tokuda, "I retired and didn't have anything to do," so he started a second career and life as a porn actor. He had been buying porn videos directly from the production company (he couldn't face getting them at a video store) and had become friendly with a director who suggested he star in a video because "old-people porn" was becoming popular.[3] By 2008, he had made over 350 videos,[4] and according to one director, "In his generation, Tokuda is a superstar."[5]

Ruby Productions, which produces his movies, started making "mature" movies with people in their thirties but the popularity of "elder porn" has led them to produce a line with people in their seventies, and Tokuda is their star.[5] Tokuda works with both young and older actresses including a number of videos with 72-year-old Fujiko Ito. Given Japan's large elderly population with a lot of time on their hands, mature porn has become a lucrative market, reportedly accounting for 20-30% of sex movie revenue.[1]

Male actors are usually anonymous in Japanese porn but Tokuda is now featured in his own branded series of videos for Ruby with actresses of various ages.[6] Another studio specializing in elder porn is Glory Quest which launched the "old man" series Maniac Training of Lolitas in December 2004 and when that became popular, had Tokuda star with a variety of young AV actresses in the Forbidden Elderly Care (Forbidden Nursing) series beginning in August 2006.[4] An additional series Big Tits Loving Grandfather Erotic Mischief for Glory Quest began in April 2008.[7] Not all of Tokuda's roles involve sex and he enjoys acting different roles. He has said he hopes to be able to continue working in adult videos until he is 80 (with a laugh).[2]

The 5 foot 3 inch slightly paunchy former "salaryman" is married with two children and a grandson. He says his wife of 45 years suspects he plays some role in the porn industry but doesn't ask any questions and he has kept his "star" status a secret.[1]

Tokuda became a sensation in the West when he was profiled on a CNN report in 2008,[5] and Ruby has plans to release some of his videos in the United States.[5]

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