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Developer(s)SilhouetteFX LLC
Stable release
2020.5 / April 2020; 2 years ago (2020-04)[1]
Operating systemLinux, Windows, Mac OS X

SilhouetteFX began as a rotoscoping tool for the visual effects industry. SilhouetteFX has been expanded to include capabilities facilitating paint, warping and morphing, 2D to 3D conversion and alternative matting methods. As of V6, SilhouetteFX retains all of the aforementioned capabilities now embedded in a node-based digital compositing application.

Version history[edit]

Silhouette v1.0 - Feb 2005: Silhouette ships with b-splines, bezier splines and point tracking

Silhouette v2.0 - Jul 2005: Added raster paint, layers, match-move, stabilization

Silhouette v3.0 – Aug 2008: Added fully stereoscopic workflow, planar tracking, x-splines, comprehensive keyer

Silhouette v4.0 - Mar 2010: Added Power Matte semi-automatic matting system, rewrote planar tracker, open shapes, scripting, commandline rendering, dual-clone painting.

Silhouette v4.1 - Feb 2011: Planar Tracker rewritten again to be more robust with less user interaction

Silhouette v4.5 - Jan 2012: Added OpenColorIO color management

Silhouette v5.0 - Jan 2013: 2D->3D conversion tools, inverse kinematics for roto, shape-based warping and morphing, raster paint history and auto-paint features with match-move

Silhouette v5.2 - Jul 2014: Crop node, EXR 2 support, Automation Paint enhancements.

Silhouette v6.0 - Nov 2016: Node based GPU accelerated compositor with total of 136 different nodes--all stereo enabled.

Silhouette v7.0 - Jun 2018: Sequence Editing, Planar Tracker enhanced to track textureless objects, roto and paint enhancements.

Silhouette v2020 - Nov 2019: Paint > Detail Separation workflow, Paint plug-in, Magnetic Freehand roto shapes, Roto Overlay, Weighted Keyframes, Group/Part Planar Tracking.

Silhouette v2021 - Apr 2021: Silhouette plug-in, Lens Correction, Movie file format support, Advanced Roto Tools: Brush Reshape, Collapse/Distribute Points, Point Groups, Split Shapes, Roto Review and Approval, Weighted MultiFrame.

Silhouette 2022 - June 2022: Sapphire, Mocha Pro, Particle Illusion and select Continuum BCC+ filters included; Inpaint, Power Mesh, Point control parameter tracking.


SilhouetteFX is named for the art form associated with Étienne de Silhouette (July 8, 1709 – 1767). The fundamental output of a rotoscoping program is a matte which when viewed appears as a silhouette of an object to be treated in isolation of the remainder of an image. The image density of the matte determines how a compositing operation effect will be applied. Image pixels corresponding to brighter pixels in the matte will be treated differently than image pixels corresponding to darker pixels in the matte vfx.


The developer, SilhouetteFX LLC, was formed as a partnership between principals from Digital Film Tools and Profound Effects, Inc. Partners include Paul Miller, Marco Paolini, Peter Moyer and Perry Kivolowitz.

In 2019, Boris FX, a leading developer of VFX, compositing, titling, video editing, and workflow tools for broadcast, post-production, and film professionals acquired SilhouetteFX.


2019 Academy Award for Technical Achievement - Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

2019 Engineering Emmy - Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Partial List of Notable Films[edit]


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