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Original author(s)Charlie Yates
Developer(s)Meltytech, LLC
Stable release
24.04.28[1] Edit this on Wikidata / 28 April 2024
Written inC, C++
Operating systemFreeBSD, Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows
TypeVideo editing software

Shotcut is a free and open-source, cross-platform video, audio, and image editing program for FreeBSD,[5] Linux, macOS and Windows.[6] Started in 2011 by Dan Dennedy, Shotcut is developed on the MLT Multimedia Framework,[7] in development since 2004 by the same author.[8][9]


Shotcut supports video, audio, and image formats via FFmpeg. It uses a timeline for non-linear video editing of multiple tracks that may be composed of various file formats. Scrubbing and transport control are assisted by OpenGL GPU-based processing and a number of video and audio filters are available.[10][11] The output options for the 2017 version included Apple ProRes, HDV, DVD, Flash, H.264, GIF animation, Ogg-Vorbis, WebM, and WMV.[12]

  • Format support through FFmpeg
    • Frame-accurate seeking for many formats
  • Webcam and audio capture
  • Network stream playback (HTTP, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, MMS, UDP)
  • EDL (CMX3600 Edit Decision List) export


Video effects[edit]


  • Blackmagic Design SDI and HDMI for input and preview monitoring
  • Leap Motion for jog/shuttle control
  • Webcam capture
  • Audio capture to system audio card
  • Capture (record) SDI, HDMI, webcam (V4L2), JACK audio, PulseAudio, IP stream, and Windows DirectShow devices
  • Multi-core parallel image processing (when not using GPU and frame-dropping is disabled)
  • DeckLink SDI keyer output
  • OpenGL GPU-based image processing with 16-bit floating point linear per color component


  • Does not depend on system codecs
  • Can run as a portable app from external drive
  • Batch encoding with job control
  • Stream (encode to IP) files and any capture source
  • Video quality measurement (PSNR and SSIM)
  • Perform integrity check of an audio/video file
  • View detailed information about an audio/video file
  • Choice of six different interfaces, like audio effects and video effects[6]


Shotcut was originally conceived in November 2004 by Charlie Yates, an MLT co-founder and the original lead developer.[13] The current version of Shotcut is a complete rewrite by Dan Dennedy, another MLT co-founder and its current lead. Dennedy wanted to create a new editor based on MLT and chose to reuse the Shotcut name, since he liked it so much. He wanted to make something to exercise the new cross-platform capabilities of MLT, especially in conjunction with the WebVfx and Movit plugins.

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