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Soft-shelled blue crabs in New Orleans, Louisiana
Three soft-shell crabs ready for preparation and cooking

Soft-shell crab is a culinary term for crabs that have recently molted their old exoskeleton and are still soft.[1] Soft-shells are removed from the water as soon as they molt to prevent any hardening of their shell.[2] This means that almost the entire animal can be eaten, rather than having to shell the animal to reach the meat.[3] The exceptions are the mouthparts, the gills and the abdomen, which, though edible when shells are very soft, are sometimes discarded ("cleaned").[4] The remaining, edible part of the crab is typically deep fried or sautéed.[3]

In the United States, the main species is the "blue crab," Callinectes sapidus, which appears in markets from April to September.[5]

In Japan, various species are used to make sushi such as maki-zushi or temaki-zushi.[3] The Japanese blue crab (Portunus trituberculatus) or the shore swimming crab (Charybdis japonica) is typically used.

In Italy, the soft-shell of the common Mediterranean crab is a delicacy typical of the Venetian lagoon (called moeca in the local idiom).[6]

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