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List of seafood dishes

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Plateau de fruits de mer (French 'seafood platter') is a seafood dish of raw and cooked shellfish served cold on a platter, usually on a bed of ice.
Seafood on a platter

This is a list of notable seafood dishes. Seafood dishes are food dishes which use seafood (fish, shellfish or seaweed) as primary ingredients, and are ready to be served or eaten with any needed preparation or cooking completed. Many fish or seafood dishes have a specific name ("cioppino"), while others are simply described ("fried fish") or named for particular places ("Cullen skink").[1] Bisques are prepared with a variety of seafoods.

Seafood dishes[edit]

Cioppino is a fish stew originating in San Francisco.
Maeuntang is a hot spicy Korean cuisine fish soup boiled with gochujang (Korean red chili pepper paste), kochukaru (chili powder), and various vegetables.[2]
Shrimp scampi
A seafood birdsnest
Scottish prawns in a platter
Scottish prawns in a platter

Mixed seafood dishes[edit]

  • Baik kut kyee kaik – Burmese fried noodle dish with squid and prawn
  • Bánh canh – Vietnamese soup with thick rice noodles, that can use crab, prawn, fish cake, or shrimp
  • Bisque – Cream-based soup of French origin, made from crustaceans
  • Bún mắm – Vietnamese vermicelli soup, with shrimp, shrimp paste, or fish paste
  • Bún riêu – Traditional Vietnamese soup, with fish, crab, or snail
  • Ceviche – Latin American dish of marinated raw seafood
  • Chowder – Category of soups
  • Cioppino – Fish stew originating in San Francisco, with Dungeness crab, clam, mussels, squid, scallops, shrimp, and/or fish
  • Crawfish pie – Louisiana dish
  • Curanto – typical food in Chilean gastronomy based on baking seafood underground
  • Espetada – Portuguese skewer dish that often uses squid or fish, especially monkfish
  • Fideuà – Seafood dish from Valencia, Spain, similar to paella but with noodles instead of rice
  • Halabos – Filipino process of cooking shrimp, crab, lobster, or fish
  • Hoe – Korean raw food dishes consisting of a wide variety of seafoods
  • Hoedeopbap – Korean dish
  • Kaeng som – Thai, Lao, and Malaysian curry dish that is based on fish, especially snakehead, as well as using shrimp or fish eggs
  • Kedgeree – Indian-British fish and rice-based dish traditionally using haddock
  • Maeuntang – Korean spicy fish soup
  • Mie cakalang – Indonesian dish from North Sulawesi consisting of skipjack tuna in noodle soup
  • Moules-frites – Famous Belgian dish of mussels and fries
  • Namasu – Japanese dish of thinly sliced uncooked vegetables and seafood
  • New England clam bake – Communal dining tradition from New England, method of cooking shellfish
  • Paella – Rice dish from the Valencian Community, Spain, with mussels, shrimp, and fish
  • Paelya – Philippine rice dish, similar to paella but differs with usage of glutinous rice
  • Paila marina – Chilean seafood soup or stew, notable for usage of unique varieties of seafood such as giant barnacles, piura tunicates, and Chilean mussels
  • Piaparan – Filipino dish using chicken or seafood
  • Plateau de fruits de mer – French seafood dish
  • Seafood basket
  • Seafood birdsnest – Chinese cuisine dish
  • Seafood boil – Type of social event involving the consumption of seafood
  • Seafood cocktail – Shellfish appetizer
  • Seafood pizza – Variety of pizza with seafood toppings
  • Stroganina – Siberian dish of sliced raw fish
  • Sundubu jjigae – Korean traditional soft tofu stew
  • Surf and turf – U.S. dish of seafood and meat
  • Sushi – Traditional Japanese dish of vinegared rice and raw seafood

Clam dishes[edit]

Clam chowder is any of several chowders containing clams and broth. Diced potato and onions are also common ingredients. Pictured is New England–style clam chowder.

Crab dishes[edit]

Black pepper crab is a popular way to prepare crab in Singapore.

Fish dishes[edit]



  • Catfish stew – Catfish dish from the American South
  • Mohinga – rice noodle and fish soup from Myanmar

Cod and saltfish[edit]





Sharks and rays[edit]



Lobster dishes[edit]

Lobster Thermidor is a French dish consisting of a creamy mixture of cooked lobster meat, egg yolks, and cognac or brandy, stuffed into a lobster shell.

Octopus dishes[edit]

Oyster dishes[edit]

Oysters Rockefeller consists of oysters on the half-shell that have been topped with various other ingredients (often parsley and other green herbs, a rich butter sauce and bread crumbs) and are then baked or broiled.

Shrimp dishes[edit]

  • Balchão – Goan dish with shrimp, prawn, and shrimp
A prawn cocktail

Squid dishes[edit]

Deep fried calamari
  • Adobong pusit – Filipino dish composed of chicken/pork cooked in soy sauce and vinegar
  • Arròs negre – Valencian and Catalan dish made with cuttlefish (or squid) and rice
  • Dried shredded squid – Seafood product
  • Fried calamari – Squid used for culinary purposes
  • Gising-gising – Spicy Filipino vegetable soup or stew
  • Ikameshi – Squid rice
  • Mực rang muối – Vietnamese five-spice squid dish
  • Orange cuttlefish – Cantonese cuttlefish dish
  • Paella negra – Valencian and Catalan dish made with cuttlefish (or squid) and rice
  • Pancit choca – Filipino black seafood noodle dish
  • Salted squid
  • Squid cocktail – Seafood dish
  • Cuttlefish – Order of molluscs

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