Stinky Fingers

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Stinky Fingers
Stinky Fingers.jpg
EP by Turbonegro and Flying Crap
Released 1995
Genre Punk rock
Label Fatal Erection
Turbonegro chronology
Never Is Forever
Stinky Fingers
Ass Cobra

Stinky Fingers is the name of the split EP by Turbonegro and Flying Crap released on 10" Vinyl in 1995 on the legendary Fatal Erection label, that has put out records since ca. 1983 - among others the early vinyl of Poison Idea.

The record sleeve by Wayne Shellabarger delivers a mighty Tom of Finland inspired revision of the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers album from 1971 – featuring a safety-pinned glans peeping out from the waistline and sperm dripping down from the denim pants (these rather explicit details can be discovered on the back-folded parts of the sleeve). A limited edition of 1,000 copies were released on blue splattered vinyl.

Turbonegro's side opens with a phone call from Pål Pot to Norwegian teen-pop producer/mogul Ole Evenrud. All Turbonegro songs are included on their 1996 album Ass Cobra.

Maximum Rocknroll's overwhelming review rates this record to be "the nastiest thing to emerge from Satan's panty waistline since the Stooges' Raw Power in 1973!".

Track listing[edit]


1. "Midnight NAMBLA"
2. "Denim Demon"
3. "Deathtime"
4. "Just Flesh"

Flying Crap

5. "So Sick"
6. "Heroin"
7. "Toilet Love"
8. "Search & Destroy" (Iggy And The Stooges cover)