Stony River (West Virginia)

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The Stony River is a 26.7-mile-long (43.0 km)[1] tributary of the North Branch Potomac River in Grant County in West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle. The Stony River joins with the North Branch at the Mineral County border. Its source lies north of the Dolly Sods Wilderness on the Tucker County border in the Allegheny Front.

Near its source, the Stony River was once dammed by the Stony River Dam to create Stony River Reservoir between 4,377-foot (1,334 m) Cabin Mountain and 2,733-foot (833 m) Fore Knobs. The center portion of the dam has since been demolished and the reservoir drained. Further north, the Stony River is dammed again to form the 1,200-acre (490 ha) Mount Storm Lake.

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Coordinates: 39°19′39″N 79°16′18″W / 39.32750°N 79.27167°W / 39.32750; -79.27167