Trout Pond

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Trout Pond
Location Hardy County, West Virginia
Coordinates 38°57′18″N 78°44′10″W / 38.9551098°N 78.7361293°W / 38.9551098; -78.7361293Coordinates: 38°57′18″N 78°44′10″W / 38.9551098°N 78.7361293°W / 38.9551098; -78.7361293
Type natural lake
Basin countries United States
Surface elevation 1,926 feet (587 m)[1]

Trout Pond, located near Wardensville in Hardy County, West Virginia, USA, is the state's only natural lake. The small "lake" is situated in the Trout Pond Recreation Area of the George Washington National Forest.

Trout Pond was created by a sinkhole that filled with water from a series of mountain streams running off Long Mountain (3,130 feet or 950 meters). Much of the region surrounding Trout Pond lies on layers of limestone that have been slowly eroded away by rainfall, causing conical holes to open up within the ground. Many of these sinkholes grow quite large with significant depths like Trout Pond, but because of its unique location, it has been able to maintain a permanent feature as a lake.

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