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The Swiss Cheese Union (German: Schweizer Käseunion AG, pronounced [ˈʃvaɪtsər ˈkɛːzə.uˌni̯oːn aːˈɡeː]) was a marketing and trading organization in Switzerland, which from 1914 to 1999 served as a cartel to control cheese production. To this end, the Swiss Cheese Union mandated production be limited to only 3 varieties: Gruyere, Emmental, and Sbrinz, and bought the entire production and distribution of cheese at prices set by the Swiss Federal Council. It also coordinated the national and international marketing for these three varieties of cheese.

The Swiss Cheese Union was successful in campaigning for cheese fondue and raclette becoming national dishes in Switzerland.[1] Before that, they were both regional dishes.

The Swiss Cheese Union sponsored the 1992-1993 Swiss National Ski Team. The team wore yellow ski suits with simulated cheese holes.[2]


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