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Alternative death contribution[edit]

I have lifted out this contribution for discussion because it seems to pose an unverified opinion which baldly contradicts conventional reports such as this one. The unnamed author of The Silent Moon needs to be identified and his sources made more explicit for WP purposes, if his theory is to have equal weight with this better-referenced version

The author of 'The Silent Moon' (Smashwords Digital book, ISBN 9780646583877) creates through research a very different ending for Frank The Poet. In this research the author identifies Frank as having joined the Victoria Police for a short time and then actually performing several of the acts that he wrote about in his poems. The author links Frank to the 1853 McIvor Escort Robbery and the disappearance of gold ship the Madagascar in 1853. This author believes that the claim that Frank died in New South Wales is incorrect. Some historians state that a man using the alias Hill was actually Frank the Poet and died at Mudgee in 1861. It is clear to the author of the Silent Moon that Frank Hill was an imposter who often quoted and may have sometimes pretended to be Frank The Poet. A Frank Hill arrived in Sydney as a convict one year after Frank the Poet. The death certificate for 1861 has the name of Frank Hill upon it and no death certificate exists for Francis Macnamara. For the author of The Silent Moon this only adds weight to his claim that Frank was on board the ship Madagascar in 1853. Various additional newspaper reports around the time are not convincing identifications of Frank The Poet and the Coroners Inquest official document was destroyed because of cost cutting measures and perceived lack of space in the 1960s.

Bjenks (talk) 07:00, 2 March 2013 (UTC)