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Gao Yuanyuan was definitely born in 1979[edit]

That's funny that so many foreigners who don't understand Chinese and China culture at all but doubt her age here. Let me show some real things happens in China.

First of all, 高媛媛 is a just stupid mistake by the old time web editors, because at that time, they don't know GaoYuanyuan at all. They just type her name by the pronunciation. If you can really read and know Chinese,you will know you can type at least 10 different names according to the pronunciation 'GaoYuanyuan '. And if you really can read Chinese as a Chinese elementary school student, please go to any video site like YOUKU,TUDOU,56, or just buy a DVD of her early movies such as Spicy Love Soup(爱情麻辣烫) and Beijing Bicycle(十七岁的单车). You can find her name on in the credit list is 高圆圆(simplified Chinese of 高圓圓), never and ever be the 高媛媛. 高媛媛 is just a mistake by some stupid web editors long times ago. No mention there are many sources of her first ads video in 1996 also showed her name is 高圆圆.

Then, let me have the honor to introduce the Chinese education system. Normally, for these people born in 70s and 80s, all the kids will to elementary school at 7, and spend 6 years there. Then go to junior high school at 13, spend 3 years again, comes the senior high school, which means if you are 16, you should be a senior high school student. Then 3 years senior high school, comes the college or university. Please make yourself crystal clear about the two words' differences in Chinese education system.Any institution which needs a student to study for 4 years, means this is an university, even its name contains 'college'. However, most institutions named as XXXXX college, means it only has the right to issue a junior college level diploma. This kind of colleges only need to study for 2 years and intern work for 1 year, totally 3 years to graduate. 高圆圆, her college is just this kind of institution. So, let me refute some below lovely foreigners'ignorant about Chinese now.

1. Blast hornet's comment about her college. When she enrolled into this college, its name was CHINA LABOR MOVEMENT COLLEGE at that time, like I mentioned above, which is just 3 year college not 4 years university. This college rename itself as China Institute of Industrial Relations after May 2003. They remove the word college to indicate it is an university now. But, 高圆圆 got her junior college level diploma from CHINA LABOR MOVEMENT COLLEGE already in 2002. Why? Let me show you again. As a Chinese, she born in 1979, started elementary school at age 7 (means 1986), then 6 years there, and 3 years for junior high and another 3 year for senior high school. Means totally 12 years education before college/university.So as her birthday is 1979 and started school career since 1986, after 12 years, it is 1999. Then just went to CHINA LABOR MOVEMENT COLLEGE and spend another 3 happy college years there, and graduated from there at 2002, just one year and five months before this college renamed and upgraded itself in May 2003.

2. Blast hornet's another unsigned comment talking about the so called "reliable sources", about her so called used name "高媛媛" . Like I mentioned in the very beginning, it is just s stupid mistake by the old time web editors. If this Blast hornet could really read Chinese, please just watch these two old movies online or buy a DVD. The reliable credit title sequences of each film, all tell us a true and clear truth, the name is 高圆圆.

Here is also a video interview of her in 2005,

There are many her high school friends mentioned their stories during 1995 to 1997. (calculation again! 1986 started elementary school, and 9 years after to senior high school, BINGO, it is 1995 ). This could be a proof if you could hear and understand Chinese.

About the long self-make stories talked by these lovely foreigners below, including Chinese lunar calendar. Please study more about Chinese culture.

OCT, 5, 1975 is not our Mid-autumn Festival of that year. OCT, 5, 1979 is and indeed is our Mid-autumn Festival of that year.

Why she emphasizes her name and the birth date? Because, 圆 means round and circle in Chinese. And the Mid-autumn Festival is the day that the moon in China is the most round one! The perfect full moon night of the year! So, 圆圆, means the perfect round round moon!Vince.Lian (talk) 19:09, 27 July 2012 (UTC)Vince.Lian (talk) 19:17, 27 July 2012 (UTC)

It seems that Gao Yuanyuan was not actually born in 1979[edit]

She said that since she was born in Mid-Autumn Festival(Lunar Calander), her parents named her as "高圓圓". But according to old data, she's chinese name is mentioned as "高媛媛". If so, Her story about her age and name becomes nothing more than lie

sources :

(It seems that she changed her year of birth as 1979, and next she changed her name as "高圓圓") — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 23:53, 10 January 2012 (UTC)

Moreover, she said that she graduated her college(China Institute of industrial Relations) in 2002, yet many old formal site mention that she graduated the college in september, 2000

(All of those web sites are korean web sites)

Since the college she graduated from is 4-year-course college and she never mentioned that she graduated the college earlier than average persons, she can't have been born in 1979. (If born in 1979, she graduated the college 2 years earlier than average persons) I think almost all the chinese web sites concealed this facts(Probably due to her agent company)

Those three sites say that she was born in 1975, not in 1979. Though these sites didn't renew their celebrities's information, I think these are convincing. Because these sites must have recorded gao yuanyuan's personal information when she visited 58th Cannes International film festival in 2005. When she was interviewed by these sites's manager(or met by them) her real age must have been revealed

comment added by Blast hornet (talkcontribs) (UTC) 

It is not fair to conclude something based on three lone sites while there are million other site that stats her birthday as 1979. You do not have to finish your college degree in exactly four years. Could be longer, could be shorter and it all depend on the situation. But concluding on a few unreliable source while the majority of the sources out there state otherwise is not convincing. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 01:10, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

Of course it is possible for anyone to graduate college earlier, yet she never mentioned that she did so. And there are numerous examples that one celebrity's real age doesn't match to everyone knows. For instance, when it comes to chinese actress Zhang Jingchu, Almost all the majority sites mention that she was born in 1980, but If you search her through wikipedia, actually she's certainly born in 1977. And you didn't contradict my opinion about her name and age. If her real first full chinese name is "高圓圓", why the credits of film "Beijing Bicycle" mention that her name is "高媛媛"? Although she insisted that her name is "高圓圓" as she was born in mid-autumn festival(Lunar calendar), some reliable sources before June, 2001 say that her name is "高媛媛".

sources links :

Any site can make a mistake of numbers, but I have never seen that any site did make a mistake of chinese celebrity's chinese name. Her real name must be "高媛媛". If she was really born in 1979, why did she change her name as "高圓圓" and say that her name and year of birth are related? If 1979 is her real year of birth, she would just say that she was born in 1979 and not mention her name about her name and year of birth. And it is silly that she changed her name in order to emphasize her year of birth. No other celebrity does such a thing. If she were really born in 1979, she would not say the story of her name and her year of birth, and also say that she graduated college in 2000. However, If you keep searching, you will find that she never did that. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Blast hornet (talkcontribs) 03:31, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

I must laugh out loud at your reasoning and point out the fact that what you have just said is completely useless and irrelevant. If you have a common sense you should know that celebrities changes their name all the time after one have gained a certain amount of popularity. Jackie Chen's birth name is not Cheng Long so according to you logic he actual birth is a myth too? Jay Chou's chinese name is also he's stage name so he must be 50 years old. And so what if her birth name is 高媛媛? does these three letter say " i am born in 1975 not 1979"? If so can you please explain? And since when it become's a person's obligation to tell you if he/she finished school in less than 4 yrs or more than 4 yrs? According to your logic i can assume you took 10 yrs to finish your college degree because you have never mentioned to me how long you have spend in college. And yes ANY site can make a mistake, and i mean ANY site. So if there are 10 site that agrees with me and 1 site that agrees with you, chances are, that 1 lone site is the one that is mistaking. Wouldn't you agree? Please be respectful to the hard working actors/actresses out there and avoid judging them based on one or two rumors. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 01:42, 22 February 2012 (UTC)

Frankly Speaking, It's common for chinese celebrities to change their own names for some purposes. Jackie Chen did change his name as you said, and so did his son(who is currently actor). However, If gao yuanyuan actually did same thing and there are definite evidences that I show, why does she keep saying that her real birth name is "高圓圓" and saying that "高圓圓" has something to do with date of her birth? My Point is, Many chinese actress and actors often change their own names but they don't do so for emphasizing their date of birth and saying that the name he or she change is actually his or her first birth name. The chinese actors you mentioned, Jackie Chen and Jay Chou, hadn't ever said that their name have something to do with their date of birth. Yet "高圓圓" is real gao's birth name and she had been called since her birth is come from gao's own mouth. If It is certain that 1979 is her actual year of birth, why does she keep saying so? Plus, Of course as you said, No one has to prove his or her actual date of college graduation. However, didn't I first say that gao mentioned her year of college graduation as 2002? Of course there is possiblity that she graduated college 2 years earlier as you said. But before she participate her own college's graduation ceremony in 2006 and said that she graduated the college in 2002, all the sites that show her profile said her date of college graduation as september, 2000. So I think before more evident proof about her actual year of birth comes out, It's hardly conclude that she was born in 1979. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Blast hornet (talkcontribs) 09:27, 22 February 2012 (UTC)

So what if she said her name is related to her age? Maybe it does maybe it doesn't, but when you hear it it means " i am not born in 1979" which is ridiculous. Plus she casually said something one time and that to you is "emphasizing to the extend of telling people that she is born in 1979". So if some other actress says the same thing than according to your logic she is lying about her ago also. Oh and how old is she in 2000? that's right 21. So you don't think ppl can graduate at 21? Lastly u said it's hardly to conclude she was born in 1979 but there is absolute no evident that she is born in 1975 at ALL. So what gives you the right to conclude that she is born in 1975 when all the sources are saying other wise? So please stop changing the fact and misleading other — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 02:13, 23 February 2012 (UTC)

Then let me get your point, you didn't insist that the sources I posted were just a bunch of lies, but it's just insufficient to change her birthyear. right? My point is, her stories about her year of college graduation and relation between her birthyear and her birthname that came from her own mouth are more important that the sources I posted. If she hadn't ever mentioned such a stories, your opinion is totally right, because I have no way to contradict your opinion. But If her stories don't match to the fact, that is enough to raise doubts. This time, I'll not edit her birthyear, but anyone who see this arguments is to think about this inconsistency. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Blast hornet (talkcontribs) 10:15, 23 February 2012 (UTC)

request update to include: Let's Get Married (2013) - TV Series[edit]

can someone update the page to include the success with - Let's Get Married (2013) - TV Series (Also Known As: Jia Men Jie Hun Ba) - Director: Liu Jiang. Genre: Drama. Cast: Gao Yuanyuan, Huang Haibo, Wang Tong, Zhang Kaili, Ada Liu, Karen Xu. Country: China. Language: Mandarin. Release Date: 2013. Runtime: 45 minutes per episode. Billgdiaz (talk) 06:21, 21 December 2013 (UTC) ...